Cocktails to nourish and lighten the skin

Cocktails to nourish and lighten the skin


The question arises: What does the skin need to remain fresh, healthy and radiant?Answer: Oxygen, sulfur, iron, sodium and potassium


But which is better, chemical skin lightening creams or cosmetic food for the skin???

The answer: Definitely natural food.


Here I will present to you a set of cocktails to nourish the skin:



1 – Beauty cocktail:


It consists of carrots, parsley, plus lemon juice.


Note: Squeeze the mixture through a carrot juicer.



2 – Vegetable cocktail:


It consists of spinach and parsley, then orange juice is added to it



3- Carrot cocktail:


It consists of carrot juice and orange juice, and ginger is sometimes added to it.



4- Cucumber cocktail:


It consists of cucumber juice and lemon juice added to it.


This cocktail is especially beneficial for those with oily skin.

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