Beets have many great benefits

Beets have many great benefits, which are summarized in the following…It is beneficial for people with anemia, as the level of hemoglobin in the blood increases very quickly.

It contains iron in a not high amount,

But it is enough to supply red blood cells

And generate red blood cells with appropriate nutrients


It is beneficial for circulatory disorders, nervous patients, and those in need of various minerals.


It provides the body with pure oxygen and helps the lungs perform their psychological function.


It stimulates the appetite and is digested quickly and easily.


Beet juice is one of the best solutions for artificial calcium precipitation

The juice acts as a medicine in treating high blood pressure.

Heart disorders, atherosclerosis, and varicose veins.


Eating it regularly helps relieve chronic constipation and hemorrhoids

The cellulose in beets helps get rid of waste.

It facilitates the passage of feces.


Eating it regularly helps relieve chronic constipation and treat hemorrhoids

Reduces skin pigmentation such as neck darkening.

It reduces hair loss and fought crust .

Treats low blood pressure for two months

It stops vaginal secretions and bleeding


Beets to treat dandruff

Mix boiled beetroot water with a little vinegar, then clean the scalp with it.


To eliminate dandruff permanently


Mix beetroot water with ginger

Then massage it into the scalp in the evening for four to five nights

You will be amazed by the quick result in the disappearance of dandruff permanently.




Beet juice to strengthen the blood


This juice strengthens the blood quickly and significantly within a week


Its components


A beet seed

Half an orange

Half an apple

A spoon of honey

Water Cup


The way…


Peel the beets and put them in a blender with the oranges and apples

To improve the taste, because beets have no taste, they must be accompanied by fruit

Add water and honey, mix them all, then filter and drink

It is used in the morning before eating, at noon, and at night when sleeping

Use it for a week and you will notice the difference and an unreasonable increase in blood…



Beet and carrot juice


Juicing beets with carrots in equal quantities is beneficial for people with…

Varicose veins… hardening of the arteries… and high blood pressure

Heart disorders resulting from expansion and thickening of blood vessels

It helps build blood cells because it contains phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur


Body cleansing juice


Its components…


Beets, carrots, cucumber and a little parsley


Mix with a fruit blender until combined


Its benefits..


It cleans and heals the gallbladder, liver, and kidneys, and breaks up stones

The prostate gland and all sex glands

It is beneficial for people with tuberculosis, cancer and nerve inflammation

It is useful for preventing colds during winter


Liver strengthening juice


1 small beetroot 2-3 seedless apples




Place the previous fruits in the grinder

Or mixed with strawberry, cherry and carrot juice


If you want rosy skin, cheeks and red lips

It is topped with red beets, believe me, it is delicious and palatable


As for white beets




It moisturizes the body, increases general immunity, and energizes it

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