Clean the skin with natural oils

If you want to follow a unique skin care regimen, you should try the expert method of using oils to wash the face, instead of using regular soap and other skin care products, and if you do not know the method, do not worry,

Live a day of fun and relaxation with the expert method of washing the face, using these oils:

1. Choosing oils: skin types differ from one to another, so each type of skin needs oils that are different from other skin, so you have to know your skin type first to choose what suits it, so as not to cause your skin pores to close and grains to appear, castor oil For example, it is considered one of the thick oils that are not suitable for oily skin, and it is better to use two types of oils to overcome this problem, for example: you can mix a quarter of a tablespoon of castor oil with three or four tablespoons of argan oil, and use this mixture on your skin, as You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, but there are some oils that are suitable for all skin types, such as olive oil and almond oil.

2. Exposing your face to steam: Before applying oils to your skin, expose it to a quick steam bath to help your face open its pores to moisturize and clean your skin deeply from the inside. All you have to do is expose your skin to hot water steam for five minutes, then apply the best oil for your skin. You can add some chamomile flowers or mint to the hot water to add a little relaxation to this stage.

3. Apply oils: Put your favorite oils on your skin, gently rubbing it for five to ten minutes, to get clean and dirt-free skin.

4. Steam after applying oils: After applying oils to your skin, cold water will not be able to completely remove the traces of these oils from your skin, so expose your skin to hot water steam for thirty seconds, until the oils disappear from your skin.

5. Moisturizing: You have to moisturize your skin in the end by applying a very thin layer of one of the moisturizing oils, such as: avocado oil, or shea butter.

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