Causes of hair loss in detail

The causes of hair loss are many, including the natural hair growth cycle, and nutritional imbalance is one of the most important causes of hair loss, along with stress and anxiety. Hair loss increases more in the age group between 45-60 years, and the rate of its occurrence is equal between men and women.


The normal rate of hair loss is 50-100 hairs per day, and about 250 hairs on the days during which hair is washed, and this does not mean reducing the number of hair washing times; Because the hair will fall out anyway.

Of course, no one can count the number of hairs that fall during the day, but there are signs by which one can know whether it is within the normal range or not, namely:


Having a large amount of hair on the pillow when you wake up in the morning.

A large amount of hair falls out when combing.

In men, the hair line recedes at the forehead, and in women, hair decreases in the upper third of the scalp.


Causes of hair loss

There are many causes of hair loss


Harmful chemicals

Dyes, hair straighteners or curlers and other hair care products that contain chemical components in their composition must be used in accordance with the instructions for use, taking care not to overuse; Because it leads to weak hair, brittleness and loss.


Hereditary baldness

This cause is known as “androgenetic alopecia” as its scientific name, and it is one of the main causes of hair loss, and is genetically transmitted through the father or mother.

In the case of women suffering from this disease, their hair becomes light, but they do not suffer baldness as well as men, and this problem usually begins from the second, third or fourth decade of life.


– Alopecia Areata

The cause of alopecia areata and hair loss in one part of the scalp is still unknown, and it is believed that the main cause of it is problems affecting the immune system.

This disease affects children and young adults and there is no specific age for it, knowing that it can be treated by a dermatologist.


– Telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium occurs due to stress or psychological pressure, chronic disease, or taking some medications. Hair falls out at a rapid pace and in a large amount compared to normal rates, and in most cases this hair loss stops automatically after a few months because it is linked to specific cases.


– Tinea capitis

It is a disease that results from a fungal infection that occurs to the hair, and it appears in the form of spots covered with dandruff on the scalp.


This disease is contagious and affects children, and it must be treated by consulting a dermatologist quickly.


How are skin diseases diagnosed?

Diagnosis is made simply by doing a blood test in a laboratory, and determining whether the problem is related to immunity or any other cause.

The medical and medical history of the patient’s family is also examined; Until the genetic diseases are identified, and then the doctor begins to determine the treatment plan.


It should be noted not to use natural mixtures when suffering from hair loss for pathological reasons; Because sometimes it exacerbates the problem. At first, it is preferable to see a doctor, who will guide you on the procedures that you should follow.

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