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Benefits of pomegranate peel for stomach and colon .. Do you know it?

The benefits of pomegranate are almost known to many. But the benefits of pomegranate peel may be unknown to some.

Discover with nutritionist Abeer Abu Rjaili, from the Diet of the Town clinic, the benefits of pomegranate peel for the stomach and colon in the following lines:


Benefits of pomegranate peel in reducing colon infections

Try pomegranate peel for colon infections



Pomegranate peel helps reduce ulcerative colitis. Therefore, we recommend it to you, especially if you suffer from this problem, especially if you have chronic infections.


Benefits of pomegranate peel in reducing symptoms associated with bacterial infection


Pomegranate peel helps relieve nausea, vomiting, and treats diarrhea and stomachache caused by a bacterial infection. Give it a try and you’ll see the difference in no time.


Benefits of pomegranate peel in the fight against cancer


Thanks to the abundance of antioxidants, pomegranate peel helps to enhance the functions of the stomach and protect it from a number of related cancerous diseases, especially cancers of the stomach, colon, rectum and pancreas.


Benefits of pomegranate peel in the prevention of stomach ulcers

Have you thought about pomegranate peel to treat stomach ulcers?


Pomegranate peel protects against the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, not to mention its importance in relieving the problem of acidity and indigestion, and protecting the stomach from the risk of bleeding. Do not delay eating pomegranate peel if you suffer from this problem.


Benefits of pomegranate peel in the prevention of some cases of food poisoning


Pomegranate peel can protect against food poisoning, especially that caused by infection with some types of bacteria that can be caught as a result of eating contaminated food or drink, especially during travel.


How to prepare pomegranate peel to get its benefits in treating stomach and colon problems


For all patients who suffer from stomach ulcers, heartburn, colitis, etc., as well as those who have had food poisoning or some types of bacteria in the digestive system, and do not want to take drugs, they can prepare a recipe for pomegranate peel with honey as follows:

Put the pomegranate peel in boiling water, then leave the mixture to soak for five minutes. Strain and add a spoonful of natural honey to it, then drink it warm.

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