Causes of cracked hands in winter and methods of treatment


We usually find the skin on the hands cracked, dry or rough, especially in winter, when the skin is exposed to many effects of different daily activities. However, many neglect this and do not take the matter seriously. How can you take care of the hands in simple and easy ways?

Care for dry hands in winter

The nature of the skin of the hands is particularly affected in the winter because of the cold, which causes narrowing of the vessels and a decrease in blood circulation in the body and hands. To make matters worse, the back of the hand is devoid of any sebaceous glands under the skin, which usually keep the skin soft, according to the German Focus magazine website.

In cold climates, it is recommended to apply a “cream” moisturizer to the hands several times a day. In addition, hand washing removes the oils that the skin needs. Hot water also enhances this, so dermatologists recommend washing hands with greasy oil and lukewarm water.

Care for facial skin from wrinkles may not reveal the true age of a person. But the hand, like the face, has great wrinkles due to its exposure to intense ultraviolet rays in summer and extreme cold in winter. Therefore, whoever neglects wrinkles on the hand cannot hide his old age, even if his face is devoid of wrinkles.

If you suffer from allergies or eczema, dermatologists usually recommend the use of “creams” containing urea, hyaluronic acid or panthenol, as they are real soothing skin and can restore the outer skin layer to balance, according to the German Focus website.

Creams are not the only solution

Hand care isn’t just about hand cream. You can even use other household appliances that are usually available in the kitchen. Cosmetic experts in the German magazine “Öko-Test” advise that you rub hands with a little olive oil after cooking and cleaning dishes, as quoted by the German newspaper “Wilhelmshavener Zeitung”. Olive oil is a quick alternative to moisturizing hands by massaging it on the skin of the hand. Akbar recommends using coconut oil instead of olive oil.

For more intensive care of the hands, it is possible to apply a thick layer of oily cream, then wear cotton gloves and let the cream take effect overnight. But Öko-Test magazine, after testing 50 different creams, warns against those containing unnatural ingredients.

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