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Care Mask that Renews Skin Cells  

Care Mask that Renews Skin Cells






1 Quail Egg


1 Cucumber


Preparation and application:


Blend the medium-sized cucumber in a blender without peeling it.


Place the cucumber in a small glass bowl, break the quail egg on top and mix well.


Apply the mixture to your face, excluding the eye area.


Wait 25 minutes.


Wash with plenty of warm water.


Dry with a towel.




Apply this mask twice a week, which renews the cells in the skin and helps remove dead skin from the skin. Apply once a week after about a month.


For people with sensitive skin types, the mask’s waiting time on the skin is 15 minutes.


You should make this mask in spring or winter.


Quail eggs are quite small. However, its function truly creates miracles. It also prevents wrinkle formation due to the protein structure it contains. It contains a high amount of protein compared to chicken eggs.


In addition, cell regenerating masks prepared with quail eggs help shrink the pores on the skin. Helps you achieve smooth skin over time


You should not miss trying this mask, which you can easily make at home and to have a vibrant skin appearance…

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