7 tips to stimulate your child’s appetite in the morning

Convincing children of the importance of breakfast is a difficult issue and a daily struggle for many parents, but some tricks reviewed by the German magazine “Altern” may help you whet your child’s appetite for breakfast:


1. Know your child’s nature:

Even children have some tendencies that they like to respect from adults. The father and mother should monitor their child and know the time when the child usually feels hungry. Some children need a long time after waking up to feel fully awake and then they begin to feel hungry. If your child does not feel hungry before nine o’clock, save your energy and do not try to persuade him to eat before that.


2. Change some habits:

“Look at your brother who ate more than you.” “Every other piece, my child.” Experts advise staying away from these traditional phrases if it is proven that they do not work with children. Instead, the mother can do the exact opposite, meaning put food near her child. At the table, then she is busy with something else, such as finishing her breakfast or doing anything else, without commenting on what the child is eating, as boredom may prompt him to try this or that dish.


3. Let him help you:

Do you remember the first meal you cooked for yourself and how proud you felt at that time? The same applies to your child as he will of course be excited about a meal he has participated in preparing. You can simply let your child put cheese on his bread or yogurt on his morning crackers and perhaps cut his own apple as he gets older.


4. Feeling independent:

The child always feels that someone is planning everything for him, so he has a constant need to feel independent, which is something you can achieve by making him choose between a white cheese sandwich or eggs, offering him apple and orange slices, and asking him which one he chooses.


5. Take it with you shopping:

It is important to make your child feel that his opinion is important while shopping, and here you can also consult him about the things he likes to eat for breakfast in the coming days.


6. Writing a procurement paper:

If it is difficult for you to take your child shopping, you can let him write or even draw the things he wants to buy at the store.


7. Respect breakfast time:

Make breakfast time an opportunity for all family members to gather. The conversations that take place at the breakfast table are enjoyable for children and make them more connected to this enjoyable daily family gathering.

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