caramelized fried toast



6 slices of tender toast

3 bananas

1 large cup sugar

½Cup pineapple juice

4 tablespoons butter

For decorating:

3 tablespoons crushed almonds

½Chocolate bar

Method of preparation

– In a non-stick pan we put the sugar on medium heat and avoid stirring the sugar with the spoon we just shake the pan so that the sugar does not burn and when the sugar begins to Melt we move it with a wooden spoon and reduce the heat

– Add the butter to the caramel and brushed it well.

– Add pineapple juice to caramel sauce in batches with continuous stirring to boil the mixture can replace pineapple juice any type of juices as desired

– Add the slices of toast to the caramel sauce and flip them until the color of the toast changes and absorbs the caramel

– Put the slices of toast in a serving dish and add a little caramel sauce

– Cut the banana and add it on the face of the caramel toast

– Sprinkle the chocolate bar and sprinkle it on the surface of the banana and caramel toast

– Add crushed almonds to the dish and ready to serve

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