Camellia oil: Japanese women’s beauty secret?


What is camellia oil? What are its health and aesthetic benefits? What you need to know about this type of oils? The most important information in the article below.

Camellia oil is an oil that is usually extracted from the seeds of tea plants, so this oil is also known as tea seed oil. 

The following is an explanation of the most important information about him:

What is camellia oil?

While tea wort leaves are used in the manufacture of traditional tea that almost no home around the world is without, tea wort seeds are used to make Camellia essential oil by processing it in several different ways, such as the cold pressing method. 

Visit the Camellia two different types, it also comes:

Ordinary camellia oil extracted from Chinese Camellia (Camellia sinensis), or camellia oleifera (Camellia oleifera).

Japanese camellia oil extracted from a special type of camellia plant is (Camellia japonica).

The majority of the potential benefits of camellia oil are attributed to the fact that it contains a range of important compounds, such as: 

Antioxidants; since camellia oil is usually extracted from tea wort, its antioxidant content is similar to tea’s antioxidant content.

Squalene is an active compound that can help fight skin dryness and early signs of aging, and it should be noted that this particular compound is one of the natural compounds produced by the skin.

Other important compounds, such as: oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin E, potassium, saponins, calcium, omega-6 fats. 

Benefits of camellia oil

These are the highlights of the potential benefits of camellia oil:

1. Improve skin health and appearance

Camellia oil is a fast-absorbing oil that can penetrate deep layers of the skin and does not clog pores. 

The use of Japanese camellia oil, may help improve the health and appearance of the skin, as it comes:

One study showed that applying this oil topically to the skin may help: soothe the skin, moisturize it, and resist wrinkles.

One study showed that using this oil on the skin regularly may help reduce the amount of water that the layers of the skin may lose, which may help reduce wrinkles.

In addition to the above, camellia oil in its various types may have many other benefits for the skin, such as: 

Restoration of acid-base balance in the epidermis.

Clean pores effectively.

Soften the skin.

Protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.

Soothe irritated skin after shaving.

Increase skin elasticity, relieve skin cracks.

Treatment of minor scars that may be left by acne. 

2. Lower blood pressure

Taking camellia oil may help regulate blood pressure levels and lower high blood pressure, because it contains: 

Potassium, which may help to stimulate the expansion of blood vessels in the body, which may be reflected positively on blood pressure.

Some types of natural fats that may help lower high blood pressure, thereby reducing the chances of heart disease.

3. Improve hair appearance and health

The aesthetic benefits of camellia oil are not limited to its uses for the skin, but this oil may have many potential benefits for the hair as well, it is even one of the secrets of Japanese women’s hair, here is a list of the most prominent possible benefits of camellia oil for hair:

Impart a noticeable smoothness to the hair, restoring its lost shine. 

Help the hair retain its moisture.

Relieve dryness of the scalp, relieve itching that may affect the scalp.

Reduce the chances of some hair problems, such as dandruff and split ends. 

Protect hair from external environmental influences.

4. Strengthen the immune system

Camellia oil extracted from the Chinese camellia plant may help strengthen the immune system, this plant is the same plant whose leaves are used to make green tea which has many potential benefits for the immune system as well.

5. Relieve inflammation

Camellia oil contains many active natural compounds that may have a role in the resistance and relief of infections that may affect the body, which may make this oil particularly useful for people with certain inflammatory conditions, such as: headaches, joint infections, and respiratory problems.

6. Other benefits

Camellia oil may have many other potential benefits, such as:

Improve liver health and protect it from oxidation processes are harmful.

Improve gut health and protect the mucous membranes lining it, which may help resist peptic ulcer. 

Camellia oil contains squalene, which may help reduce the growth of cancer cells when used with certain cancer drugs.

Other benefits, such as: relieve osteoporosis, reduce high blood pressure, and accelerate wound healing.

Damage to camellia oil

Camellia oil may have several potential damages, such as: 

Complications and damage that may affect pregnant or nursing women when using this oil. 

Irritation of the skin when oil is applied topically to it.

Low blood pressure.

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