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British recipe for a younger look 10 years at no cost

British recipe for a younger look 10 years at no cost


A British woman named Sarah Smith has come up with the secret of permanent and renewed youth that is easy to obtain for everyone without any additional costs, according to the British Metro News, which published a story about Smith’s experiment on herself and recorded its results in pictures. The newspaper indicated that Sarah is a mother of two children and committed to drinking 3 liters of Water daily, for one month only, and with it she regained the full freshness and vitality of her skin.

And she got big positive changes on the skin that made her younger for nearly 10 years without the need for plastic surgery or industrial procedures like Botox

Joshua Zeicher, a consultant dermatologist from the United States, says there is no evidence or documented scientific research to suggest that drinking 8 glasses of water or more daily

It can restore youth, but all scientific research points to the importance of water to the skin, and to the danger of dry skin on its freshness

Joe Cincotta, a geriatrician, confirmed that dry skin can cause major problems for the skin and premature aging.

And that water actually has a good effect on the health of the skin and delays aging, as it helps the body to get rid of toxins, and a special recommendation is given to the necessity of drinking water for children.

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