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A deadly cancer virus was tested on the first patient

Scientists have injected the first human with a new cancer-killing virus. It is the Vaxinia virus, which is specifically designed to target cancer cells. Will this virus be the savior of humanity from cancerous diseases that claim millions of lives around the world every year?


Millions of cases of different cancers are diagnosed in the world every year. Cancer is the leading cause of death in men and the second in women. City of Hope and Imugene Limited, the immuno-oncology company, is now developing a new weapon against this pest. It is a virus that targets cancer cells while simultaneously increasing the immune response to cancer.



Conducting the first anti-tumor virus treatment in humans

Vaxinia virus enters the body of the first cancer patient



Vaxinia virus has already been successfully tested in animals and is officially the subject of the first human clinical trial. A total of 100 participants – those with disseminated or advanced solid tumors – will receive oncovirus (a genetically modified virus).

Control point inhibitors are new immunotherapy drugs that have revolutionized the treatment of cancer (they were the first to benefit from melanoma, but today the indications for these therapies are much broader: lung cancer, triple negative breast…). But some patients relapse, do not return or barely respond to these immunotherapies. According to the first results on animals, while tumor-killing viruses can improve the effectiveness of these treatments.

In other words, Vaxinia will not only destroy cancer cells but also make them “reveal” themselves to the immune system, thus becoming more recognizable and vulnerable when receiving immunotherapy.



Virus accompanied by immunotherapy


The first trial should compare administration of this virus directly to the tumor or intravenously. Once the safety of this medicine is confirmed and the optimal dose is determined, other patients will receive the virus with immunotherapy.

If the first trial proves successful, patients with cancerous tumors of the colon, lung, breast, ovary or pancreas can benefit from this virus.


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