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Breast augmentation with yeast, the most famous mixtures

The shape of the breast affects the confidence and looks of many girls, so they are looking for a recipe for breast augmentation with yeast. Surgery, but this belief is incorrect because many girls have tried this recipe, and it has proven its feasibility through their experiences that we will mention to you in this article, in addition to many other recipes that you can try to enlarge the breast in a natural way, so that you can regain your confidence in yourself Again, appearing with a very attractive feminine look.

Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation with yeast


Yeast has many benefits in addition to the multiple uses that are used in it, including this recipe:


Ingredients: Put two tablespoons of fenugreek in a bowl, then add two tablespoons of yeast to it with a tablespoon of olive oil, then mix the ingredients well until you notice that they are homogeneous. Leave it on the breast for at least an hour and then rinse it well, so you can repeat this recipe about twice a week. Yeast contains many useful nutrients, including: iron, chromium and selenium, in addition to vitamin B. With its benefits in increasing breast milk in many breastfeeding women, but the result may differ from one woman to another. Breast augmentation in 3 days


There are many recipes that can increase the size of the breast and enlarge it besides the recipe for breast augmentation with yeast, most notably:


Put a little fenugreek in the water and then boil them on the fire, and then mix this mixture with yeast until you can get a paste. Apply this paste on the chest area gently, then let it dry and then rinse the area with water well Then repeat this process until you feel that you have got the result you want. The fenugreek has many health benefits in addition to helping in breast enlargement, and many studies have indicated that the fenugreek works to stimulate the estrogen hormone that controls breast size. It also helps to increase tissue growth in a very natural and healthy way, so this recipe is one of the very effective recipes that you can try.


The recipe for Vaseline is one of the famous breast enlargement recipes, such as the recipe for breast enlargement with yeast, so if we will mention to you the ingredients of the recipe:


At first, take a warm shower, then put some Vaseline on the breast, and massage it for at least five minutes, in circular motions, and do not forget to massage the nipples as well. Then put a quantity of toothpaste on the nipples only, and make sure that The paste covers it completely, then put another amount of Vaseline on the chest, but this time without massaging the nipples. Then wear a sports bra, and this step is important so that you can maintain the shape of the breast. Then you can repeat this recipe for a month or two. More so that you can get satisfactory results for you, and you can massage the chest directly after the shower or before bed until you get a satisfactory result. One of the benefits that Vaseline contributes to breast enlargement is that it increases the growth of cells that enlarge the size of the breast, thus It works to stimulate blood circulation in this area, and then activates this area, nourishing it and increasing its size.

It also moisturizes the breast area deeply, removes dead skin from the area and gives it a luster that you will notice with the first use, and works to lighten the nipples as well.


Breast augmentation with yeast


Breast augmentation with ground fenugreek and yeast


This recipe is considered one of the most important recipes that you can try for breast augmentation, and this is because it combines two components whose benefits we have mentioned.


Put the fenugreek seeds on the fire for about 15 minutes, until the fenugreek boils, then remove it from the fire and wait until it cools completely, then after it cools, add the yeast with the fenugreek oil. Put a small towel on the chest on the condition that It is a little warm, then leave it for a few minutes and then apply this mixture on the chest directly. With continuous massage in a counterclockwise direction, then you can try this mixture daily, and leave it on the chest for a whole night and then wash it in the early morning, in The next stage is to pass a piece of ice on the chest. Thus, the ice in this case has many benefits, as it works to calm the breast tissue, thus it calms the sagging breast and makes it more tight and cohesive. This recipe helps to enlarge the breast and give an immediate result that lasts for three Only days, so in that case you have to wear the bra morning and night, so that you can get the result you want. Breast augmentation with yeast and rose water


This recipe is among the effective natural recipes that work to enlarge the breast in a short period of time, such as the recipe for breast enlargement with yeast. So here are the ingredients of the recipe:


In the beginning, put three tablespoons of rose water in a bowl, then add a tablespoon of yeast to this mixture, and also a tablespoon of ground fenugreek, with a little sesame oil. Mix these ingredients well until they are homogeneous and then apply them to the breast With a massage and leave it for at least four hours, then wash the breast well with sesame oil after washing. Massage it well until you are sure that the skin has absorbed part of the sesame oil, taking care to eat a cup of hot milk with one hanging of anise for a period About 3 times a day. Also, there are many women who prefer to drink rose water as well, so you must make sure to buy the original rose water first, and then mix a quarter cup of rose water with about a liter of water. Then drink three cups a day of rose water. This drink, after you have eaten your main meal during the day, repeat this recipe for at least a month.

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