Boost Your Immunity for Winter

With the coldest months of the year approaching, you may think that getting sick is inevitable, whether it’s a common cold or worse. It is more important for everyone to be protected from diseases, especially when there is still the fact of pandemic in our lives. Both experts and science tell us that with the right health strategies, we can significantly reduce the risk of disease. For this, invest in your immune system throughout the season.

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Double your grooming routine

At a time when our bodies are more susceptible to disease, prioritize your wellness routine to keep your natural defense system running smoothly. It’s important to be consistent when it comes to regular exercise, good nutrition, and other self-care activities. Like waking up at the same time every day, eating, exercising… Our bodies love routine. Adapt yourself to the natural rhythm of nature and wake up early when the birds start to chirp and the animals start to move.

Make sleep your priority

It is worth emphasizing once again that sleep is important for a strong immune system. When we sleep, our body undergoes a major restoration. You eat better when you sleep better. A poor diet and insufficient sleep cause your body to become exhausted. So get enough sleep and adopt a good sleep routine 

keep exercising

Consistency is key when it comes to exercise. Research shows that continuing to exercise can significantly reduce your risk of getting sick  Of course, it is important not to overdo it at this point.

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Add immune-boosting nutrients to every meal

Consuming nutritious, organic and vitamin-packed foods is especially important at this sensitive time of the year. Stick to seasonal products as much as possible. In fact, our earth provides us with all the nutrients we need in terms of nutrition for a season. So focus on foods like zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, ginger, beets that have roots and grow underground and have grounding qualities. Don’t forget about foods with immune-boosting properties, such as fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C.

Make time for your loved ones

It is a fact that the urge to spend time at home increases at this time of year. However, the advice of experts is to spend time with your friends. It might sound a little different to do this with social distancing, but you can organize meetings by sticking to this rule. Research tells us that being social has a significant balancing effect on our hormones, which can contribute to stabilizing our immune system 

reduce sugar

Consuming too much sugar can suppress the immune system by reducing the ability of white blood cells to attack foreign invaders. So saying no to sweet treats can help protect your body from viruses this winter.

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Dress appropriately for the temperature

It is possible to be caught unprepared for unexpected temperatures, especially in the autumn months. Dressing in layers will keep you safe no matter the weather. Wear two or three layers that can be dressed or removed as appropriate. Always have a shawl and raincoat with you so you can be protected when needed.

Keep stress under control

There are many studies that link emotional stress and weakened immune system. Therefore, how we manage stress can have an impact on the working system of our immune system. Develop methods to combat stress to prevent diseases and keep stress away from your life as much as possible