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Blackheads: their causes and how to get rid of them

Blackheads, which appear in the form of small black pimples, especially in the nose, are an aesthetic problem that bothers those who suffer from them. So what are those pimples? What are its causes? What are the ways to treat it?


First: Definition of blackheads and their causes

Blackheads appear on the face in general and the nose in particular as a result of the proliferation of dead cells and sebum, also known as sebum, on the surface of the skin, despite the latter protecting the skin from external influences. However, due to hormonal imbalance and the stress that a person faces, the skin produces more sebum, which clogs the pores and oxidizes by interacting with the air, and this is what leads to the appearance of blackheads.

It is noteworthy that blackheads appear in the nose, chin, and forehead, or what is known as the T-zone of the face, which is the oily area of ​​the face.


Second: Ways to treat it

A – The traditional method… Hot bath: To get rid of blackheads, expose your face to a bath of hot water, as the steam contributes to the opening of the pores and you can easily get rid of the blackheads with a tissue. After you finish removing all the blackheads, clean your face with an antibacterial face wash.


B- Creams and facial cleanser: To get rid of blackheads, apply a facial cleanser day and night, and choose it suitable for your skin type. Do not choose the one that contains alcohol because it will worsen the situation.


T – Mask and facial peeling: Also, to get rid of blackheads, resort to a facial peeling mask that helps you get rid of dead cells, provided that it is made of natural materials, and twice a week.

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