Beware of these foods.. They reduce the average lifespan

The Mayo Clinic Medical Group has identified 5 foods that negatively affect life expectancy, describing these foods as one of the causes of increased mortality.


Expert Catherine Zeratsky called for the elimination of canned foods, because they are one of the reasons leading to increased deaths.


Lisa Torborg, a nutritionist at the Mayo Clinic, stressed the importance of reducing red meat in the diet.


“One study found a link between regular consumption of red meat and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, especially colon cancer,” she said.


Doctor Stephen Kubicki, from the same center, also spoke about the role of fried foods in type 2 diabetes and heart problems, recommending at the same time not to overuse foods containing sugar.


The center’s doctors were keen to ensure that one stays away from alcoholic beverages, even if it is just one cup a day, due to the risk it poses in terms of the possibility of developing tumors and esophageal cancer, in addition to pancreatitis.

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