Beware of the side effects of the nose pads to remove blackheads

Do you use stickers to remove blackheads? Do you know what are the disadvantages of nose sticks? Blackhead removal? Many people suffer from the appearance of black pimples or blackheads, which appear on the nose more clearly. And when these heads begin to appear, all of us use nose stickers that help remove blackheads, but do these stickers cause any harm when used?

There are many reasons that will make you stop using nose pads to remove blackheads, and these reasons include the following:


Nose patches to remove blackheads 1- Nose patches contain chemicals and synthetic materials that may cause skin irritation


One of the worst effects of nose pads to remove blackheads is that it consists of many compounds such as polyquaternium-37, silica, glycerin, titanium dioxide, witch hazel extract.


Polyquaternium-37 acts like a hairspray, which attaches to the pores to remove blackheads. But this substance enters deep into the pores, which leads to the accumulation of oily substances and the appearance of large blackheads. The nose patches also contain parabens, which cannot be absorbed by the skin.


2- Blackhead removal patches may cause damage to sensitive skin


For this reason, there is a warning in the instructions for using the blackhead removal stickers from the nose. It is recommended to use them only once a week. Excessive use of these patches can make your skin look worse. Nasal patches can irritate the skin and turn it red.


If you have sensitive skin or suffer from some skin disorders, some of the ingredients in the nasal patches may cause skin irritation and inflammation. Reports also indicate that there are some people who have experienced broken capillaries or tiny blood vessels, which help in blood circulation in this area of ​​the face. This damage occurs in the first layer of the skin when you remove the nose pads from the face, and what is worse is that these capillaries may accelerate the appearance of skin wrinkles.


3- Nasal patches are a temporary treatment, but they do not prevent the appearance of pimples again


Also one of the worst effects of nose pads to remove blackheads. How does it affect negatively? Blackheads form when excess oil and sebum collect with dead skin cells and dirt and accumulate in the pores. Nose patches remove only the surface black layer, but the rest of the blackheads remain in the pores, so you are not actually cleaning the pores, as the nose patches leave oils and dirt hidden inside the pores, which makes you need to repeat the process over and over again.


4- Nose stickers are uncomfortable and their benefits are short term


Did you know that many people do not use the blackhead removal patches correctly, as you are supposed to steam the pores to open them before you put the tape on them. You can do this while taking a shower, or fill a basin with very hot water and apply and twirl in the direction of the steam. If you don’t, the blackhead removal patches may not work as effectively. Even when the patches are used correctly, dirt and excess sebum will build up in the pores within 24-48 hours of use.


How to treat blackheads?


You can dispense with the use of nasal stickers to remove pimples on the nose and rely on some natural methods to be able to treat blackheads permanently. These methods include the following:


1- Wash your face from make-up before going to sleep


At the end of the day, make-up must be removed before going to sleep, because sleeping without removing make-up from the face may cause more blackheads to appear. If you leave makeup during sleep, the makeup may cause the pores to clog, and it may also lead to skin infections and the accumulation of dirt on the skin and inside the pores.


2- Use a clay mask to cleanse the skin


Clay masks are usually considered essential for cleaning oily skin, as these masks work by drawing out oil and dirt from the pores. Therefore, clay masks can relieve clogged pores and thus reduce the appearance of blackheads and get rid of them. Also, many clay masks contain sulfur, which helps get rid of dead skin cells that cause blackheads to form.


3- Use a charcoal mask to remove blackheads


Like clay masks, charcoal masks work deep into the skin to draw out oils and dead skin cells and remove other impurities.


4- Using salicylic acid to cleanse and clean the skin


You can rely on salicylic acid to clean and disinfect the skin, instead of benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid is considered one of the best treatments that can be used to get rid of blackheads because it works to get rid of substances in the pores such as excess oil and dead skin cells.


You can count on washing your face twice a day with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid so that you can effectively cleanse your skin and get rid of the causes of blackhead formation.


Blackheads are an annoying thing for many people who rely on blackhead removal patches to get rid of them. But after recognizing the harms of using patches for long periods of time, you can rely on some other natural methods that help you get rid of blackheads in an effective way.

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