Benefits of starch for hair and its extension


Starch is divided into several specific types according t othe source from which it is extracted, there is corn starch and this type is the most common and used among people, potato starch, wheat starch, and rice starch, and starch is one of the best antioxidant elements, which in turn repairs damaged cells, and this is proven by research Conducted in 2002 reported that starch helped a lot in the treatment and healing of skin infections, and the following are the most important benefits of starch for hair of all kinds :

strengthens hair

Research conducted in 2002 proved that rice water contains high levels of starch, which coats the hair and gives it strength, as it works to strengthen the hair shaft and thicken it similar to protein.

Calms scalp irritation

In addition to the benefits of starch for hair, it helps to improve the damaged skin of individuals who use shampoo. It contains sodium sulfate that irritates the skin, and starch helps calm the inflammation in the scalp, along with moisturizers and oils.

Increases manageability

It is noted that the continuous use of starch increases the ability of your hair to be styled, as it facilitates detangling the hair, and increases the luster, strength and softness of the hair.

Moisturizing hair

Starch contains amino acids that strengthen the roots of the hair and work to increase its hydration and smoothing, in addition to inositol, the carbohydrate that nourishes and detangles hair strands.

prevent graying

Starch is rich in a substance that is produced during the preparation process. This substance promotes cell regeneration of the scalp and hair, and works to treat damaged cells, thus it resists aging as it provides comprehensive protection for hair by strengthening the roots, promoting hair growth, adding luster and preventing graying.

Benefits of starch and olive oil for hair

The beauty of hair is a matter of concern to every woman. Undoubtedly, all women want to have strong, smooth and long hair. Therefore, cosmetic doctors recommend using a starch mask with olive oil because of its great benefits for hair, including;

  • Increase the speed of hair extension because olive oil contains vitamin A, and this substance stimulates blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles,
  • Olive oil is like starch, as it contains antioxidants, which contribute to moisturizing the hair and strengthening it from the roots.
  • Olive oil provides protection for the hair and scalp because it contains antibacterial substances, and it works to remove itching from the scalp, and make it free of infection.
  • One of the most important properties of olive oil and starch is that they contain antifungal substances, which makes them help remove dandruff and prevent it from regenerating again.
  • In addition, the starch and olive oil mask works to get rid of dandruff, increases hair smoothness and smoothness, and reduces hair loss and brittleness

It is beautiful for the hair to look smooth in addition to its density and luster, and starch is one of the easy solutions that gives smoothness to the hair, and it has a rich history of benefits for hair, it reduces friction, increases flexibility and closes the pores of the scalp, and starch helps in hair growth since it contains Amino acids and vitamins work to regenerate hair cells, which makes hair grow healthy and fast, so many women resort to using starch, since it is a natural material for straightening and caring for hair, and avoiding chemicals because of the damage and negative effects it causes 

Benefits of starch for mental hair

Many women with hair and mental skin, especially in the summer, that sleepless season, resort to them in caring for their hair and skin to use starch as one of the natural ingredients in caring for their hair, strengthening it and its luster, due to several benefits, the most important of which are :

  • Effectively absorb excess oils in oily hair, especially in the summer, and after exercising, those who exercise regularly in the summer.
  • Reducing hair breakage and split ends, due to the protein substance in starch, which helps in obtaining soft, healthy and thick hair.
  • We do not overlook the power cycle in treating dandruff, which is one of the most prominent mental hair problems, as dandruff is an innate insomnia for women, causing itching and irritation of the scalp.
  • This is in addition to the role of starch in promoting mental hair growth because it contains several vitamins, including: vitamin C and vitamin B complex.
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Corn starch hair mask

The cornstarch mask for hair nourishes and moisturizes the hair fibers deeply from the root to the ends, and a mixture with white honey that works to nourish and soften the hair thanks to the vitamins and acids present in it, to get permanently soft and thick hair, and the cornstarch mask for hair is prepared through the following steps :

  • Mix 3 tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice well to get rid of any lumps.
  • Then mix a little coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of white honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Then the mixture is heated over a low heat, stirring constantly.
  • After obtaining a gelatinous substance or cream, it is removed from the fire and waited for a while until it cools completely.
  • Then the mask is applied to the hair when it is dry, then the hair is covered well


  • Then leave the mask on the hair for a maximum of an hour, then wash the hair as usual with water and shampoo.
  • It is noted that the longer the use of it, the better and better the results, so many women use it twice a week to get the best results.
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Benefits of starch and eggs for hair

Starch and eggs, when mixed together and applied to hair strands, help to straighten curly hair and reduce roughness in dry hair, because starch contains inositol, which is useful in repairing damaged hair and repairing split ends, which enhances its protection for the longest possible time. You can mix a tablespoon of starch with an egg, then paint curly hair with it well, and wash it after a full hour with lukewarm water and shampoo.

How to make starch cream for hair

For everyone who suffers from the problem of curly and dry hair and does not want to use harmful chemicals to straighten coarse hair, he just has to make a starch cream known for its wonderful benefits to soften and moisturize hair, work to detangle hair and increase its length and density, and treat the problem of dandruff and light hair loss, and work is done starch hair cream through the following steps;

  • Mix four spoons of starch with one spoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice and a quarter spoon of turmeric powder.
  • Then mix with the mixture a spoonful of almond oil and a spoonful of sesame oil to get a creamy texture.
  • After that, the cream is applied to the hair strands and ends and massaged well.
  • Leave the cream on the hair for two hours, after which the hair is combed before rinsing with lukewarm water.
  • Then paint the hair with a little sesame oil or coconut oil, and it is preferable to use this cream three times a week to ensure soft, smooth and straight hair


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