Bad beauty habits to stop in your thirties

Bad beauty habits to stop in your thirties

Bad aesthetic habits that women carry with them since their youth, taking advantage of the opportunity of her young age and the freshness of her youthful appearance.

However, the age of thirty raises the alarm, and signs of relaxation begin to appear under the title: Fatigue lines!

Therefore, you must know the most prominent bad habits that you commit by instinct

Which you have to give up at the age of thirty to fight premature aging and always shine with a youthful look.

Before starting to enumerate the most important bad habits, you must know well that the skin of a woman in her thirties decreases its production and renewal of collagen.

Over time, so these habits become dangerous after twenty, then it is necessary to stop:

Staying up late and lack of sleep: During the hours of sleep, the cells of the body work actively to renew themselves.

Which causes the emergence of black heads and loss of freshness and radiance. So if you are in your thirties

You must stop this habit completely, as the accumulation of fatigue and lack of sleep has disastrous results on the skin.

Not applying the necessary condom, moisturizer and creams: If you are one of those who does not believe in moisturizing, beautifying and sunscreen creams

You must stop this thinking because it is dangerous and because your facial skin will not give you the results that it gave you in your twenties.

So, at least help her to maintain her freshness by moisturizing her constantly and protecting her from the sun’s rays without interruption.

Sleeping without cleansing the skin: We agreed that the facial skin reduces the glare of its production of collagen and renews it as it gets older.

Sleeping with make-up or without cleaning its depths well will lead to clogged pores and lack of breathing, which will negatively affect them.

Signs of fatigue and wrinkles faster than usual.

Lack of exercise: Exercising enhances blood circulation and thus helps to regenerate cells faster, so

If you are in your thirties, you really need it, don’t miss it but practice it

  • At least 3 days a week and thus keep your look fresh for as long as possible

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