Benefits of silica for hair


Silica is the  latest in  a long  series of hair care  components promoted  by the  beauty community. Hair  products containing silica are praised  for their  ability  to strengthen hair,  give it to us  naturally and  manage hairfall. However,  it is claimed that silica can  enhance hair longing. It is  true Complete the  reading to  learn  all the  benefits of silica to poetry and to  know the  truth and  understand how silica can  keep your hair  healthy.

What’s silica?

Silicon dioxide,  also  known as silica, is a mineral chemical element. Silica combines silicon with oxygen and is  mainly  found in  green leaf  plants and is  available  in the  forms of oils, gels, and  dietary  supplements.

Our  body  needs small  amounts of silicone to create collagen and  improve  skin  strength and flexibility. Silicone  helps  prevent hair falling and  keeps hair flashing. There  is no  scientific  evidence to  support the  claim that silica can  promote hair growth.

Benefits of  using silica for hair

Silica  supplements  help  improve hair  health. , let’s  take a look at the  benefits of silica:

Silica  may not  directly  affect the  health of your hair. However,  studies  suggest that silicon  content in hair is  necessary to  maintain  strength  and may  prevent hair falling. You can take silica  supplements  to improve the silicone  content  in your hair and  prevent hair thinning.

2. Improves hair  strength

A  study has  shown that choline-stabilized orthosylic acid (ch-OSA)  complements  improved hair  structure and  tension  strength in  women with  soft hair. Orthosylic acid is a non-crystalline  form of silica and improves hair elasticity and fracture tolerance,  resulting in denser hair.

Now that  you’ve  recognized the  benefits of silica hair  supplements, let’s  discuss the  right  way  to use silica  supplements.

How  to use silica  supplements

The  best  way  to use silica to  keep hair  healthy is to  eat oral  supplements. Silicon or silicon dioxide  supplements are  available in cereal, powder, and gel forms. You can  consume any. However,  before taking  supplements, the  doctor consulted to  determine  if your  body had a silicone deficiency. Don’t heal yourself.

You’ll  also  find shampoo, balm and  other hair  products containing silicone. However, no  study  was undertaken. 

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