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Benefits of mink oil: 5 reasons why you should use it regularly

The benefits of mink oil are many and its use has spread in the recent period. It is a natural oil free of any harmful chemicals that may cause any harm to the skin. People have used it for centuries to soften and moisturize the skin. It also helps moisturize the scalp and treat hair breakage as well. Mink oil is extracted from the fatty layer at the bottom of the mink’s fur, as humans discovered in the past that this layer helps to noticeably soften the skin, and therefore it was used to treat dryness and cracking of the skin. Several studies indicate that mink oil offers many benefits for the skin, scalp and hair, due to its content of omega-7 fatty acids, which help maintain healthy skin.


What are the benefits of mink oil?


Because of its content of vitamins, minerals and omega-7 fatty acids, mink oil offers many benefits for the skin and hair, which include the following:


1- Maintaining healthy skin and hair


The skin loses moisture every day for many reasons, including the natural aging process, exposure to environmental factors such as extreme heat, and other causes that eventually lead to dry skin. Therefore, the skin needs daily care to maintain its health and prevent dehydration, and mink oil helps you to do so effectively.


Mink oil is gentle on the skin and is easily absorbed, which helps the skin restore moisture quickly. In addition, it contains omega-7 fatty acid, a rare fatty acid also called “palmitoleic acid”, which helps to effectively improve the health of cells. Mink oil helps the skin retain moisture, and protect it naturally from damage caused by stress factors and exposure to various environmental factors.


In addition, mink oil helps retain moisture in the hair and scalp as well. It is free from harmful chemicals, and this gives the hair gloss and vitality when used. Fortunately, it also helps treat hair breakage caused by the use of various chemical products on your hair, as it works to give your hair the nutrients it needs that are similar to the natural oils found in the scalp.


2- Mink oil is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and sun protection


Cosmetics rich in mink oil are used in many countries around the world, because mink oil is completely safe to use and easily absorbed by the skin, as it does not cause clogging of pores. Many dermatologists suggest that using a sunscreen that contains mink oil helps protect against harmful sunlight and prevent ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin.


3- Mink oil helps fight the signs of aging


Many health experts and dermatologists confirm that fatty acids help maintain healthy skin. The omega-7 fatty acids present in mink oil maintain healthy skin, and delay the appearance of signs of aging that affect the skin with age. The production of natural sebum in the skin slows down with age, thus reducing the nutrition of the skin. Therefore, the use of mink oil is quite effective on the skin to restore its elasticity and get rid of fine lines and signs of aging.


4- Helps heal wounds


Mink oil speeds up the wound healing process when used directly on wounds. Medical reports indicate that the use of pure mink oil has helped reduce scars in many cases, thanks to its properties that help the growth of skin cells and speed up the healing process.


5- It is used as a moisturizer for the hands


In addition to moisturizing the skin and hair care, the musk oil in hand sanitizer also helps moisturize the hands and keep the skin smooth. Hand sanitizers are often used, especially in places where soap and water are not available. These products often dry out the skin due to the high alcohol content in them in order to obtain their antiseptic properties for the hands, but the addition of mink oil to it makes the difference, as it keeps the hands remarkably moisturized when used. Therefore, you can rely on a hand sanitizer that contains mink oil instead of the well-known hand sanitizers, in order to preserve the skin and prevent dryness and cracks.


Other uses for mink oil


In addition to its benefits for the skin and hair, mink oil has some other uses, which are:


pet care


If you use a shampoo rich in mink oil, you can also use it for your pet, as the wonderful properties of mink oil help protect your pet from sun damage, and also keep it clean.


Keeping your leather shoes clean


You can rely on mink oil to maintain your leather shoes. And people have been using mink oil since ancient times to protect all types of leather, as its use helps to give the shoes a longer life, and it also makes them resistant to water, which causes a lot of damage to the leather of the shoes.


Mink oil is one of the wonderful natural oils that offers many benefits to the skin and hair, because it contains omega-7 fatty acids, which moisturize the skin, scalp and hair, and help delay the appearance of signs of aging on the skin. It is also completely free from chemicals that cause skin damage, which makes it a great choice for maintaining healthy skin and skin without experiencing any side effects or damage



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