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Benefits of ginger and anise to get rid of eye wrinkles

Many of us, with the passage of time and life pressures, forget to take care of their skin and bodies only to be surprised by the appearance of some wrinkles around their eyes and lips, so do you want to wait until you wake up one day to find yourself in the mirror and have become another woman? advises you to take care of your skin even if you are short of time, some quick and simple steps will be very important in maintaining the youth and freshness of your skin for more years.

Here are the following ways to take care of yourself before it’s too late:



1. Drink ginger and anise: Make sure to eat a cup of ginger or anise daily for the smoothness and freshness of your skin from the inside and outside as well.

2. Always drink fat-free milk to provide you with calcium and vitamin D, which increases the freshness of the skin and reduces wrinkles.

3. Cut down on sugars, as they increase the appearance of early wrinkles, which are worrying for many of us.

4. Drink plenty of water at least two liters of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and get rid of toxins accumulated in your body.

5. Use the appropriate cleanser for your skin daily before bed to get rid of the dirt accumulated on your skin.

6. Get rid of make-up every day before bed. Sleeping with make-up is the biggest factor in the appearance of early wrinkles on your skin.

7. Make a weekly mask for the freshness of your skin, such as a mask of honey and yogurt to nourish your skin and maintain its freshness.

8. Moisturize your skin once a day, twice in the winter, and an additional time after each shower to ensure that it maintains good hydration.

9. Take care of your hands and feet, as they are the most prone to dehydration and signs of aging due to lack of care.

10. Be sure to exercise daily to maintain the youth of your body and skin at the same time, as exercise helps blood flow and the freshness of the skin.



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