Benefits of garlic soaked in olive oil for skin

Women are looking for ways to improve their skin with natural materials, and because garlic and olive oil are among the most important treatments that help women improve their skin and give it radiance and beauty, we review in the following lines the most prominent benefits of a mixture of garlic and olive oil.


Benefits of garlic and olive oil for the skin


Garlic and olive oil



Olive oil and garlic are used for various aesthetic purposes; Because they contain many minerals, vitamins and nutrients, and they can be used to treat common external skin problems, such as blackheads, dark spots, grains and pimples, as well as blackness and infections caused by fungi and bacteria that may affect the skin and skin for many reasons, as sulfur works to cleanse and purify the skin, This mixture works to lighten the skin color and resist the signs of aging, by removing fine lines and wrinkles, and nourishing and tightening the skin in a way that gives women a more youthful and fresh look.

Mask of garlic soaked in olive oil for the skin


Benefits of garlic soaked in olive oil for skin



Garlic is one of the ancient remedies that has multiple properties in the treatment of skin diseases, such as infections and psoriasis, and it also improves blood circulation, and there are several masks that you can prepare using a mixture of garlic and olive oil. A spoon of white clay, another of bee honey, and a drop of water, taking care to wash and clean the face before applying the mask, then apply the mixture to the face and leave it for at least half an hour, with the possibility of repeating the recipe three times a maximum during the week.


Garlic soaked in olive oil for skin


For another simpler method, mash a clove of garlic soaked in olive oil with the addition of a little lemon juice to obtain a cohesive paste, then apply the mixture as an ointment on the face for a period of no less than a quarter of an hour, and enjoy the multiple benefits of the beauty of your skin, as this mixture is rich in elements and anti-compounds. For inflammation, what gives your skin great smoothness.

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