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Benefits of cucumber



Benefits of cucumber








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Cucumber has become one of the most important ingredients in salads. It is used in many ways in dishes that are eaten without cooking. There are several types of cucumbers, some of which are large, but the common type we have is the medium-sized, green, upright cucumber. Good cucumbers should be firm, uniform in shape, and dark green in color. Soft and wilted cucumbers are usually poorly stored and can be used in cooked dishes, but are not suitable fresh. Some companies polish the cucumbers with wax, and they must be washed well or rubbed with a soft brush to remove the wax.






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It is preferable not to wash cucumbers when storing them in the refrigerator, but rather place them in plastic bags and place them in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator. Cucumbers can remain in good condition for 4 to 5 days. Do not freeze cucumbers, as this affects their properties and flavour.






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Do not peel the cucumber, as removing the top layer of the cucumber helps remove a good amount of carotene, so it is recommended to wash the cucumber well before eating it. Cucumber has no significant nutritional value. It contains a large amount of water and little thermal energy. About an average cucumber provides 12 calories. This means that people suffering from obesity can eat cucumber freely, as it works to suppress the appetite without providing a large amount of calories. Cucumber is also suitable for people with diabetes because it contains a small percentage of natural sugars. When introducing cucumbers to infants, it is preferable to first remove the outer peel and remove the grains inside the cucumber, then mash them, and do not serve them whole until after the first year, when the child is able to digest the inner grains.

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