Benefits of cornstarch for skin and hair and how to prepare mixtures of it


Cornstarch is one of the most important elements that can be used to solve many aesthetic problems that every woman may encounter. Hence, starch is used in the manufacture of many preparations, due to its beneficial properties for skin and hair. So, to learn more about the aesthetic benefits of cornstarch and how to use it, continue reading the following lines.

Corn starch for the skin

Benefits of cornstarch for the skin

Cornstarch softens the skin and removes dead cells from it.

It works to tighten and whiten the skin because it contains vitamin A, which helps to lighten the skin and reduce dark spots.

Reduces various inflammations that may appear on the skin because it also contains vitamin B, which regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, which helps to reduce inflammation, dirt impurities, and acne.

Starch nourishes the skin and provides it with energy, which helps in its regeneration, preserves the youth of the skin and combats premature aging.

Face blends from cornstarch

1- A mixture of cornstarch and honey for skin care

Add one cup of yogurt with a teaspoon of each of honey and starch.

Mix these ingredients well.

Spread on face for 1/2 hour.

Wash the face with lukewarm water.

2- A mixture of cornstarch and rose water to moisturize the skin

Add 1/4 cup of yogurt, two tablespoons of cornstarch and one tablespoon of rose water.

Mix all these ingredients well until combined.

Spread the mixture on the face for 1/2 an hour.

3- A mixture of cornstarch and yogurt for skin lightening

In a deep bowl, put a cup of yogurt with a tablespoon of starch and a few drops of lemon juice.

Mix all ingredients well.

Spread the mixture on the face for 1/4 hour.

Wash the face with lukewarm water.

4- A mixture of cornstarch and olive oil to treat facial pores

Mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with a teaspoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of rose water and a spoonful of honey.

Apply the mixture to the skin.

Wash the face with cold water after 15 minutes.

5- A mixture of cornstarch and grapefruit juice to treat dry skin

Mix 1/2 grapefruit juice, 1 tablespoon honey and 1/2 cup cornstarch.

Apply the mask for 10 minutes on your face.

Wash your face with warm water.

All methods of using starch for hair at home

Corn starch for hair

Benefits of corn starch for hair

Cornstarch helps soften hair, reduces split ends, and makes it more radiant and healthier.

Works to moisturize the hair and make it shiny and shiny.

Cornstarch helps treat oily hair.

Mixtures for hair from cornstarch

1- A mixture of cornstarch and water for skin care

Put an appropriate amount of cornstarch and water in a bowl on the fire.

Start cooking the mixture for 4 minutes.

Leave the mixture to cool, and then apply it to your hair.

Leave the mixture for 1/2 hour on your hair, then wash it off with water.

2- A mixture of cornstarch and baking soda to treat oily hair

Mix cornstarch, baking soda and water well in a suitable bowl.

Start by applying the mixture to your locks, so that it reaches all parts of the hair.

Leave the mixture on your hair for 1/2 hour.