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Benefits of body lotion - Care Beauty

Benefits of body lotion


Covid-19 has taken over the world and significantly affected the length of time you spend abroad, leading to social distancing and less time spent outside the home.

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But, does staying at home or indoor generally affect your skin?! Answer in the following details:

The effect of staying at home on the skin:

1-dry skin: it is one of the biggest skin problems you may face during this time, bathing with warm water more times and for longer can lead to rupture of the outer skin layer, along with dehydration and irritation of the entire body.

2. exposure to air from air conditioners: sitting in an air-conditioned room for an extended period of time can dry your skin! The proposed open air conditioning increased damage, because the air that comes from her is a breeze to dry available to you directly.

So exposure to air conditioners leads to an imbalance of the skin’s natural moisture, which causes the skin to dry and may lead to skin flaking as well, and can exacerbate skin diseases such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

3-exposure to the dangers of harmful sunlight: many neglect the use of sunscreen creams during their stay at home, which exposes them to its risks, the sun’s harmful rays (ultraviolet) penetrate the glass and curtains and reach the skin, causing the appearance of pigmentation and even premature aging of all areas of the body exposed to the sun.

4-vitamin D deficiency: the body produces vitamin D by the skin after it absorbs the energy of the solar rays, and staying at home affects this scientific negatively, as vitamin D levels decrease from the body, which causes some problems for the skin, most notably dryness and roughness of the skin, acne, and early wrinkles.

5 benefits of Moisturizing Body Lotion:

Body lotion, or Moisturizing Body Cream, is one of the essential preparations that every woman should make a major step of her daily beauty care routine, and is one of the few inexpensive ways you can pamper yourself and enjoy its many benefits:

1. moisturizing the skin: the body needs an external moisturizer that balances the shortage by moisturizing the skin effectively.

2. Skin Smoothing: besides treating Dry Skin, Body Lotion has the ability to treat and soften dry, cracked and rough places that look unattractive such as elbows, knees and feet, and also gives the skin lasting softness.

3-skin freshness: dry skin is one of the main factors causing loss of freshness and even wrinkles, so the use of moisturizing lotion keeps the skin always fresh.

4-body fragrances: there is no nicer thing than keeping your body’s aroma naturally by using your favorite aromatherapy lotion.

5-relaxation: daily aromatherapy moisturizing body massage provides muscle warmth, removes tension,relieves pain, and achieves relaxation and comfort after a busy day.

Best Moisturizing Body Lotion according to your skin’s need:


Nivea has developed a natural almond oil formula that promotes natural skin processes and revitalizes it to make your skin look healthier and fresher, with its patented formula Nivea nourishing feathers lotion gives you a double hydration to your skin that extends to its deep inner layers to look fresher and brighter.:

♦ Enriched with unique deep moisturizing serum to treat dry skin.

– Rich in natural almond oil that provides intense skin nourishment.

– Provides 48-hour hydration.

– Result: smooth, smooth and well-hydrated skin.

– Suitable for dry and very dry.

– Authorized as a gentle product on the skin, compatible with the skin and does not cause any skin reactions.


This fast-absorbing lotion combines hydrating natural cocoa butter and vitamin E to give you long-lasting hydration and care, as the cream formula gently melts into the skin to give it perfect smoothness, gently removes signs of stress and fatigue, while the fragrance invigorates your senses to feel fresh.


Nivea shea butter lotion moisturizes and softens dry skin to eliminate roughness and dryness, thanks to its rich formula that combines shea butter with vitamin E, making the lotion ideal for deep hydration, freshness and shine.

Try your favourite Nivea lotion collection and enjoy the amazing results!