Benefits of bathing with cold water

Strengthening immunity: Exposure to cold water may enhance immunity by increasing levels of white blood cells and metabolic rate, which may reduce the possibility of contracting colds, influenza, and some types of cancer. Improving blood circulation: Cold water improves blood circulation, thus improving overall cardiovascular health and helping prevent high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and varicose veins. Regulating body temperature: Cold water helps regulate body temperature, which leads to activating the body’s repair systems. Stimulating weight loss: Bathing with cold water stimulates the production of brown fat, which burns fat – which is the opposite of white fat – and may increase the speed of metabolism in the body. Reducing depression: In addition to the ability of cold water to stimulate the body, it also stimulates the brain, which is a source of noradrenaline, which reduces depression. Improving lymphatic movement: The lymphatic system plays an important role in getting rid of cell waste and transporting infections – which fight white blood cells – a process that depends on muscle contraction. Showering with cold water stimulates these contractions and helps in the movement of the lymphatic system. Deepen the breathing process: Bathing in cold water opens the lungs and enables deep breathing, allowing the body to take in larger quantities of oxygen to combat fatigue. Maintains healthy skin and hair: Hot water dries the skin, hair and nails, but cold water helps narrow the pores and stimulates the elimination of toxins, making the skin glow. It also closes the cuticle, making the hair stronger and healthier. Increased energy: It is known that bathing with hot water leads to relaxation and lethargy, unlike cold water, which stimulates the body and brain. Increased hormone production: Exposure to heat reduces sperm count. Because of these benefits, it is preferable to use cold water rather than hot water when bathing

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