Benefits of almonds and pistachios for sex


Benefits of almonds for sex

The benefits of nuts for sex are many where almonds are one of the types of foods that include a huge nutritional value, as the few handful of it includes one hundred and eighty calories and six grams of protein, as well as fourteen grams of healthy fats of great importance for the health of the heart, and it is indicated that 

The benefits of eating almonds for men lies in the fact that it is one of the food sources rich in healthy fiber and protein, in addition to containing other important elements, including manganese, magnesium and vitamin E, which all represent the benefits associated with men’s sexual health.:

Almonds have a large percentage of zinc, as it is one of the most important elements that improve testosterone.

It contains a lot of types of vitamins that have a great effect on solving what a man may have problems, especially infertility.

Eating almonds together with vitamin E helps make the heart muscle healthy.

The zinc element contributes to raising the ratio of male sex hormones, stimulating libido.

Helps in the blood flow to the genitals and to eliminate the problem of erectile dysfunction, its high level of omega-3. 

Benefits of almonds for women

When a woman eats almonds, it benefits her in many ways, most importantly:

Pregnancy stage

Pregnancy is one of the most important and confusing stages in a woman’s life; therefore, she should follow a healthy diet while taking care to include almonds among the most important benefits for women in pregnancy include:

It has folic acid, which works to protect the fetus from possible birth defects.

Help almond make the fetus grow in a natural way.

Almonds contain an appropriate level of calcium, as their intake leads to the building of fetal bones in a proper way.

It is better to take advantage of almonds to be soaked the whole night before eating; this makes the level of absorption and digestion higher.

Protection from diabetes and pregnancy

Among the important benefits of almonds for women, especially pregnant women, is the frequent feeling of not wanting to eat food and the least amount of calories, and therefore the regulation of the process of gaining weight and Prevention of its increase, as the weight gain sometimes entails the infection of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, so almonds contribute indirectly in the Prevention of

Promote skin health

Among the important benefits that almonds give to women is to promote skin health, examples of which:

While still used, almond oil helps to remove dark circles in the eye area and dark areas of the skin.

One of the most important benefits of almonds for women is contributing to remove the blackheads and white and acne.

Cosmetics that include almonds help moisturize the skin, as well as contribute to the elimination of dead cells, as almonds are a rich source of vitamin E with many benefits for the skin.

Hair improvement

A lot of women suffer from the condition of weakened and shelled hair, as almond oil offers the same benefits as almonds, namely:

Stimulate hair follicles.

Stop hair fall.

Reduction of dandruff.

Weight control

Always advised by nutritionists and doctors to include almonds to daily meals because it has enormous health benefits both for men, women and children and these doctors have subscribed without dispute that eating a handful of almonds a day contributes significantly to getting rid of excess weight, and Prevention of gaining more of it, and because many women seek to get rid of excess weight, one of the A day is to reduce the level of cholesterol that is not useful to the body.

Benefits of pistachios for

It is noteworthy that pistachios have many benefits for sex where a study focused on the impact of pistachios on erections in men has been subjected to ultrasound examination on the genitals, with research on the relationship of pistachios to the level of lipids in the blood in patients with Ed, as this study was conducted on Seventeen married men with Ed for a period of

This experiment involved subjecting these men to a diet containing one hundred grams per day of pistachios for three weeks, in which the strength of the erection was determined by ultrasound of the genitals and the level of total cholesterol and fat, whether high or low blood density, before and after following that system.: 

Treatment of premature ejaculation.

Increased erectile capacity in men.

High-density beneficial fats rise significantly.

ED patients have no side effects.

Improve sexual ability in men significantly.

Low-density lipoprotein and cholesterol level harmful to blood decrease.

Increased sperm counts, as a result of which they contain important nutrients.

The blood fat level of these patients who have followed that diet correctly has been enhanced.

Benefits of cashew nuts for men

Cashew nuts are rich in nutrients, and a study published on the nineteenth of June 2019 in a journal named nutrients “Nutrients” showed that men added Sixty grams of nuts equivalent to about half a cup of nuts to their daily diet was observed a clear improvement in their sex life from many aspects, as researchers conducted research on the benefit of cashew: 

Eighty-three men were subjected to that experiment.

A cashew-free diet was followed by some of them.

Others follow the diet plus the six hundred grams of nuts such as cashews, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts.

Was conducted a questionnaire on sexual health of these men.

It was observed that men who added nuts to their diet after fourteen weeks had improved their sexual health in many respects including enhancing libido compared to other men who did not add nuts.

Is not recognized how the cashew but it is believed that it contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants are the first reason behind that interest.

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