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Beets are a natural solution for rosy cheeks - Care Beauty

Beets are a natural solution for rosy cheeks


Have pale skin and want rosy cheeks? You can, and you do not need to use blush, as you can replace makeup with beets or beets.

Pink cheeks are a symbol of beauty, as it plays a great role in enhancing confidence in women, which is what every woman wishes, especially since many of them suffer from little or no redness and flushing of the cheeks, so pale and yellowishness predominates on the color of the skin, which increases their confidence in their beauty. But you do not need to worry now, as there are many distinctive natural recipes that can provide the pink color that brings back every girl’s dream.

“Beets” is known for its pink color, as it gives you a beautiful and natural pink color that differs from the shades found in regular cosmetics, as well as the blush or lip gloss made from beets does not harm the integrity of the skin and maintains its freshness.

If you dream of attractive pink cheeks, here are these simple and practical tips that will not take your time much to get rosy cheeks:

Sanding to get rosy cheeks:

To get rosy cheeks, you can prepare a mixture of oats with grated cucumber and a little olive oil, and after mixing it, apply the mixture on your face in a circular motion, and with continuing on this scrub you will get rosy cheeks because it contributes to removing dead skin cells from the skin.

Add a spoonful of sugar to two tablespoons of beet juice and put it on clean skin for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. If you want a quicker method, cut the beet fruit into a circular slice and pass it over your cheeks and lips, it will turn pink and there is no need to rinse it.