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Back to the future aesthetic trends - Care Beauty

Back to the future aesthetic trends

Will plump lips be liked as much as today in 2032? The operations that we have today to look thinner will take place, perhaps 10 years later, with only one needle. With the speed of time – perhaps the most close-facing aesthetic technologies, we wonder how and how they will change in the coming years. Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer says that there will be serious changes in aesthetic trends around the world in the coming years.




According to studies, 80 percent of children who are five years old today will see over 100 years old. Yavuzer: “This means we will survive for many more years. Therefore, we need to be better both as an external visual and as an internal structure. As new generations arrive at this consciousness faster, they are smarter and more sensitive. Generation Z seems to be the main consumer in aesthetics and long life. We see that the last generation called alpha will enter this sector even more quickly” says.


The goal of the “New generation is to live longer, healthier and younger looking life. In this process, instead of looking like someone else, it is to reach the best possible appearance and to protect it for the longest time




There is no longer any desire for change as before. For example, the former Far Easterners used to want a Western-style eyelid or nose. But Yavuzer said they no longer see it: “People are taking ownership of their ethnic identity and the awareness that ethnic identity is a beautiful thing and they have to carry it has emerged. Now everyone is on their way to becoming the most beautiful of themselves says”.




Personal aesthetic production is becoming more and more prominent. With the help of artificial intelligence analysis, it is determined which needs are first. Then, with the genetic characteristics of the person, ethnic identity, age and culturally they want to establish, a special planning is carried out. With this planning begins a completely customized beauty journey. In this journey, sometimes surgical procedures are performed together. The main goal is not to change the person, but to create the best version of the person.


In surgical procedures, nose surgeries, eye area, eyebrow lifting, eyelid surgery, jaw surgery is the most preferred and applied surgeries. Artificial, very frapan images are no longer preferred in these surgeries. Methods are preferred where the person carries his own characteristics and reveals much more natural results.


Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer: “The same goes for eye circumference and eyebrow applications. In the last three years, the excessive eyebrows and the edges of the eyes are more preferred; now this frapan is more pure, away from the postures in the style of night makeup, there is a turn towards cute and innocent images, says Var”.




In non-surgical procedures, high laser technologies are the sine qua non of aesthetics. Among these technologies, the methods by which the skin gold is tightened and the production of new collagen is increased are noted. Stem cell and exhaustom injections are the key to beauty.


Yavuzer says, “We are now replacing some of the support we get from external filling applications with increasing the production of the individual’s own tissues” says: “Yani we are giving the individual the opportunity to produce their own filling with technology. The age at which we appear has become our true age. The importance of skin age is inevitable. For this reason, it is very important to apply supplements from both inside and outside where skin health is increased. Systemic supplements not only strengthen skin health, but also body health. Injections made under the skin make the skin health better and allow us to have brighter and more vibrant skin” says. Reinforcing products are at the forefront as never before. In the supplements given under the skin and given through the vein, vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants and bio-ortham stabilizers are used. The quality, brand, quantity and shape of the product to be used in all these things are very important. Unconscious consumption of these products can even cause harm instead of benefit. It is important that the planning is necessarily created by a specialist physician and that the planning goes with great care in the applications.



Biostimulation is the application of increasing collagen production with stimuli given to the person in terms of collagen production. In this process, injection and energy are sometimes used both. By looking at gender, age and artificial intelligence; it is decided which type of biostimulation to be performed and how many sessions are needed. During extended life, biostimulation is a real treatment.









Digitalization is one of the changes in world aesthetic trends. Prof. Dr. Reha Yavuzer: “All of us are a little more fond of ourselves in terms of beauty, aesthetics and well-being. This suggests that clinics should now be much better equipped. Me and my team, for example, have been using artificial intelligence in many areas for a long time. This way we can check-up on beauty. Because patients demand it and they want long-term planning. At this stage, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals in the body and their intravenous delivery come into play, says ”.


With the help of digital artificial intelligence and a special application, the golden proportions and angles of the face are measured. The most ideal rates and angles of the person are determined and suggestions are created. In addition, emotional age and image can be detected and it is possible to reduce negative expressions such as tired, angry and sad face. All of these assessments make the decision making process much easier. The use of technology in aesthetic evaluation is the most important factor in success. We are living in an age where we have reached the end of only eye examinations and evaluations.