Are you addicted to sweets.. Here are the easy solutions

Everyone loves it because of its delicious sweet taste, but excessive consumption of sweets causes a lot of damage to the body, as they contain large percentages of refined and processed sugars, as well as saturated fats.

Excessive consumption of sweets may lead to many diseases, especially those related to the kidneys and liver, motivating the request for more of them after a short period, once the effect of the temporary energy surge that sweets give you has disappeared.

Eating sweets in excess causes the body to supply a large percentage of fructose, which turns into fat and part of it is transferred to the body, but the rest of it remains in the liver and accumulates, causing major problems on the liver, and also causes high blood pressure, which causes other harms. for the liver.






One of the most harmful effects of a lot of sweets is also causing high blood pressure and diabetes, which leads to the impact on the integrity of the kidneys in general, and their fatigue and pressure on their functions, and the matter may even develop into kidney failure, and in the worst case, kidney failure may occur.


In general, nutrition experts advise to follow several methods aimed at gradually reducing the need to consume sweets in the diet, and it may be feasible to determine the amount to be eaten without causing any harm to the body. The most important of these methods, which are simple and appreciated by everyone, are the following:

Don’t deprive yourself of it at all: eat a little of what you crave, maybe a small biscuit, or a moderate-sized candy.

Combine foods: If you are a chocolate lover, you can always dip a banana in the chocolate sauce, and this will give you what you crave.

Fasting from sugar: cutting out all kinds of simple sugars is useful for some people, but this process is never easy, and usually the first 48 to 72 hours are the most difficult at all, and you have to get your body used to it in general.

Eating fruit: This may satisfy your craving for sugar so that you get fiber, nutrients with some sweetness from this fruit without harming your body, and on the contrary, most fruits carry a high nutritional value.