Are there foods that treat acne?


We present to you, Madam, foods that treat acne, for example, foods, drinks or herbs, so that you can easily get rid of the effects of pimples on the surface of the skin, and because food is the basis behind the health of the body and skin, so we present a distinguished diet that removes acne permanently and without return. We review first, before clarifying the nutritional treatment, what is the problem of acne and its causes, in addition to the places where it appears.


acne problem


They are bumps and pimples that appear on the skin for many reasons, including stress and hormonal changes in the body. Many are looking for natural remedies for them, without resorting to medication, because it is the most common problem starting from the stage of puberty. You should not neglect acne because its psychological risks are greater than physical, as it increases the severity of depression.


Types of acne


There are two main types of acne pimples besides the usual form and they are:


Black: It is open and clogged pores, so it appears dark and annoying from under the skin. White: It occurs as a result of a pimple that also clogs the pores, but it can be removed from the skin in the form of solid blisters. Foods that treat acne


You must follow a diet based on complex carbohydrates in addition to reducing sugar, in order to treat acne with food, but to ensure that pimples do not appear again, add foods that contain zinc and vitamins A and E, for example:


Natural fruits and vegetables such as spinach, potatoes, carrots, apricots, dark leafy greens, berries and watermelon. Whole grains, for example, and legumes are an acne-processing food. Zinc-rich foods such as lentils, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, cashews, beef and seafood. Dark brown bread is the basic type of living if you want to get rid of pimples. Peas and beans are effective diets in removing acne problem. Mackerel and salmon. Yogurt and low-fat milk. Olive oil. Walnuts and selenium peels. There are also drinks that treat acne problem such as Mint, turmeric milk, water, carrot juice, dandelion tea and matcha.


After we explained to you the foods that treat acne, we present to you the foods that should be avoided, for example:


Fizzy liquids, sodas, energy drinks, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, red meat, pizza, fast food and canned foods, stop eating all these foods and drinks to treat acne.

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