An expert reveals the seriousness of cold allergy

Ekaterina Demyanovskaya, from the Russian Gemotest Laboratory, announced that cold sensitivity may be among the symptoms of serious diseases.




In an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”, the doctor points out that itching, bubbles and spots appear on the skin under the influence of low temperatures. However, it should not be ignored, as it may be a symptom of serious diseases, including cancer.



She says: “When there is an allergy to cold, the person often worries about itching on the face and hands that are not protected by gloves. After that, bubbles and spots appear on the skin, as happens when exposed to a stinging plant such as nettles. Therefore, cold allergy is called cold nettle. And in some In some cases, a person may feel pain in the joints and muscles.


According to the doctor, the low air temperature provokes this sensitivity, especially if it is accompanied by cold and damp winds. She can also be provoked by cold drinks, ice cream, and even a contrast shower.


She says: “Cold sensitivity can be a secondary disease – a symptom of hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, CMV infection, blood diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer. If the condition does not improve after using the anti-itch and rash medications he prescribed The doctor must prescribe new drugs with a broader effect in order to diagnose the underlying cause and start treatment.”


The doctor recommends applying a greasy cream to the hands and face before leaving the house, when the weather is cold.