After the Medicines Agency … the European Commission allows the distribution of the Corona vaccine

 Hours after the European Medicines Regulatory Authority (EMRA) decided to allow the use of biontek and Pfizer’s anti-coronavirus vaccine, official approval came from the European Commission as well. With the decision of UNHCR, there is a clear path towards the introduction of vaccination in Europe.

The use of the covid-19 vaccine, jointly developed by Germany’s biontek and US company Pfizer, was approved by the European Commission on Monday (December 21, 2020) for EU member states to begin the vaccination process.

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has announced that she is authorizing the distribution of the biontek and Pfizer anti-Corona vaccine in EU countries, just hours after the European Medicines Agency approved its use.

“The European Medicines Agency has carefully evaluated this vaccine and concluded that it is safe and effective against covid-19,” von der Leyen said. Based on this scientific assessment, we allow its use in the EU market,” she said, explaining that the first inoculations will take place between 27 and 29 December.

The president of the European Commission has authorized the use of the corona vaccine, calling the move historic.

EU countries, including Germany, France, Austria and Italy, had earlier announced that they planned to start vaccinations on December 27, with Europe seeking to join the United States and Britain, where the vaccination campaign began earlier this month.

Health | 21.12.2020

German scientist: there is nothing to fear yet from the new Corona strain

“I am pleased to announce that the scientific committee of the European Medicines Agency met today and agreed to allow the introduction of the vaccine developed by (companies) Pfizer and biontek in the EU market,”said the agency’s director general Emir cook at an online press conference.

“Our scientific opinion sets the stage for the first license to put (the vaccine) on the market in the EU,” she said, explaining that this license covers all 27 EU member states. She continued, “It’s an important step forward in the fight against this epidemic that is causing pain and (… In less than a year, a vaccine for this disease has been developed and allowed.”

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Italy’s health minister Roberto Speranza confirmed that the European Medicines Agency’s conditional approval of Pfizer and biontik’s new coronavirus (covid-19) vaccine “is the news we have been waiting for. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen welcomed the European Commission’s decision and said: “This is a crucial moment in our efforts to deliver safe and effective vaccines to Europeans!”

Federal health minister Jens Shaban described the approval of the corona vaccine as a “milestone in the fight against epidemics”. “Vaccination paves the way for us to get out of the crisis. We are doing everything in our power to go down this path as quickly as possible.”

Highly contagious Corona strain

Preparations for the introduction of the vaccine in Europe come as a new highly contagious strain of coronavirus has been detected in Britain, causing chaos in the region, with some countries suspending flights with Britain and disrupting commercial traffic ahead of the Christmas holiday.

The vaccine developed by Pfizer and biontek is also likely to be effective against the new strain of coronavirus that has caused dozens of countries to suspend flights to and from Britain, the European Medicines Agency said.

Robert Koch Institute


“It is highly likely that the vaccine will also protect against the new type,”said Marco Cavalieri, head of the BioHealth threats and vaccine strategies at the European Medicines Agency.

However, the Robert Koch Institute of Virology stressed that there was also no evidence that the vaccine was also intended for the new mutated virus, and the institute said more research was needed.

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