A specific type of carbohydrate burns belly fat “effectively”

An expert said that eating foods that contain soluble fiber can help reduce belly fat for several reasons.


JustCBD Nutritionist Natalie Komova spoke with Express about the best ways to target visceral fat.


“Visceral fat builds up in the abdomen when we eat a lot of foods, especially those rich in fat, and do little or no exercise. Reducing belly fat is one of the most important weight loss goals for most people,” she said. During this time, reduce belly fat, including eating healthy foods.


She recommended eating foods rich in soluble fiber to burn belly fat.


She said: “Meals containing soluble fiber nutrients can effectively reduce belly fat. Fiber works by delaying the absorption of nutrients and fats and the digestion of food. It promotes a feeling of fullness which leads to reduced appetite and no cravings. Fiber regulates intake. calories, and reduce the amount of excess fat in the abdomen.


Fiber comes from plants and is a type of carbohydrate.



And unlike other carbohydrates, fiber cannot be broken down and digested and instead moves through the body to slow down the digestion process.


Foods often contain both insoluble and soluble fiber, but they usually contain more than one.


A good way to distinguish it is by remembering that soluble fiber can absorb water and create a kind of gel while insoluble fiber cannot.


Foods rich in soluble fiber include:


– Oatmeal.


– Nuts.


– Beans.


– apple.


– berries.


Komova also recommended increasing protein intake to increase weight loss.


She added: “Protein nutrients reduce food cravings, which reduces the intake of unhealthy foods that add to your fat levels. Foods rich in protein boost the body’s metabolism and enhance fat burning for energy. Add low-fat milk, nuts, seeds and legumes. Add meat, whole eggs, and fish to your diet to reduce belly fat quickly.”

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