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A simple, easy way to lighten dark lips


The cause of the darkening of the lips may be a genetic factor, and in this case, the recipes have nothing to do with lightening them, but some factors lead to the darkening of the color of the naturally pink lips, and the most prominent of those reasons are the following:

Dryness of the lips, as neglecting to moisturize them, especially in the winter season, causes them to crack and tan due to their thinness and severely affected by the fluctuations of the weather, or exposure to the problem of hyperpigmentation, which is the deposition of melanin pigment due to constant exposure to sunlight, or the use of poor-quality cosmetics, the lesson is not Choosing multiple colors to diversify the looks, but the acquisition of a good quality lipstick is much better than those practices that destroy the health and color of the lips, and cosmetics that have expired should not be used.

Pomegranate recipe to supply lips: Pomegranate seeds are one of the useful ingredients in treating dark lips naturally, thanks to the antioxidants they contain. Rosewater and milk then spread the mixture lightly on your lips and leave it for a few minutes, then wash it well with water to get naturally pink lips after the first use.

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