A recipe for lightening and peeling dark skin


If you suffer from darkening of the skin, you must first be careful not to be exposed to too much sun and be careful to apply sunscreen, then use recipes to lighten the skin immediately after the bath in order to facilitate the process of getting rid of the black layer, and keep using these mixtures once or twice a week to get For best results, here is one of these recipes:




You need:


¼ cup brown sugar


3 tablespoons of ground coffee


5 tablespoons of almond oil





5 tablespoons of jojoba oil


2 tablespoons of honey






Mix all the above ingredients well until it becomes a homogeneous mixture


Then kept in an airtight container until use.


When used, an amount of the mixture is placed on the hands or on the part of the body that is to be lightened or peeled, and massaged in gentle circular motions.


Then wash the part with warm water.

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