A recipe for fattening the face in just a week

Many women are interested in looking for a mixture for fattening the face to get an attractive full face, and today we are reviewing it for you in the carebeautyco.com Magazine in an easy and simple way to apply it at home. Here are the ingredients and the method. See the details and share your opinion with us …


the components :


1 teaspoon instant yeast (powder)


a little water


capsule of vitamin A







Mix a spoonful of yeast with a little water, then add the vitamin capsule to them.


Apply the mixture to your skin for 10 minutes, while avoiding the eye area.


note :


With perpetuating the mixture of fattening the face weekly, you will notice the difference yourself, but if you want more, make sure to eat vegetables and fruits daily, as they also help in fattening the face in a natural way.