A nutrition expert warns of the danger of almonds

Dr. Svetlana Vos, a Ukrainian nutrition expert, announced that almonds contain nutrients that improve the functioning of the heart, blood vessels and brain. But eating it before heat treatment threatens health problems.





She warns, “When almonds break down, they produce hydrocyanic acid, which is one of the strongest poisons known.”


The expert points out that almonds contain the cyanoglycoside amygdalin (especially bitter almonds), the decomposition of which gives almonds their distinct bitter smell and taste.


Foss adds, after the almonds undergo heat treatment (180 degrees Celsius within 8-10 minutes), this toxic substance will not pose any threat to health.


According to her, no more than 30 grams of nuts can be eaten per day. She says, “Nuts are characterized by the ability to be preserved over a long period without losing their beneficial properties and delicious taste. Therefore, they can be eaten during long trips, and in cases where there is no possibility of eating a full meal.”

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