A new way to exfoliate and soften the body in 3 minutes

Bananas are distinguished by their nourishing and softening properties for the skin, as they contain many nutrients and minerals that act as a carrier of moisture and nutrients for the skin. You can use bananas as a gentle exfoliator and skin softener, through the following simple recipe.


the components:


2 ripe bananas


6 teaspoons of white sugar





Half a tablespoon of your favorite essential oil




Mash the bananas with the rest of the ingredients into thick blocks using a fork, taking into account not to mash them vigorously so that they do not turn into a liquid mixture. The body is rubbed with the mixture before taking a shower, then the mixture is rinsed off the body with lukewarm water.


For the face, use only mashed bananas without adding sugar or essential oil.

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