A natural exfoliator to soften and moisturize the skin

You can exfoliate the body’s skin and get rid of dead skin with an “oat mask,” as it is a very beneficial grain for the body and has many health and aesthetic benefits. To get soft and supple skin, learn how to make an oatmeal scrub, according to the “Beauty” website.


Oatmeal and milk mask

the components

A tablespoon of oatmeal

Sufficient amount of warm milk.


How to use

Mix the ingredients together, leave it for 5 minutes, massage your skin with the mixture for a few minutes, and rinse it with warm, then cold water.


Oats and baking soda

the components

A tablespoon of oats

A tablespoon of baking soda

An appropriate amount of warm water


How to use

– After you mix the ingredients and get a smooth mixture, massage your body with the mixture.

– Rinse your body with warm then cold water.


Glycerin to get rid of skin pigmentation

A toner based on milk to protect the skin from dryness

Kiwi to stimulate collagen in the skin


Oats and cucumber

the components

2 tablespoons oats

2 tablespoons grated cucumber

A tablespoon of milk

A tablespoon of argan oil

A tablespoon of rose oil


How to use

Mix the ingredients, leave it for 5 minutes and massage your body with it, then rinse it with warm water and then cold water.


Oats and honey

the components

2 teaspoon oat flour

A teaspoon of milk

A teaspoon of olive oil

A teaspoon of honey


How to use

Stir the ingredients together, and after 5 minutes, massage your body with it, and rinse it with warm and cold water.

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