A magic drink to burn fat, with the advice of doctors


Do you want to get a magic drink that helps you get rid of body fat? Here’s the drink.




It is preferable to mix ginger with cinnamon to give better results when burning fat better after meals. In addition, ginger can be mixed by soaking cinnamon sticks in ginger, or by mixing a small amount of cinnamon powder with fresh ginger solution.. and continuing to take this mixed drink. It is almost possible to guarantee that fat will be burned easily immediately after eating. So with the passage of time, the fat stored in our body will be burned, and thus the body will gradually begin to lose weight naturally without significant complications.



– Two tablespoons of ground ginger.

– 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon.

White honey for dessert.

Lemon slices.


Method for ginger ale:

Cinnamon is dissolved in a cup of water and put on the stove until it boils. Ginger is added to it, and it continues to stir and is removed from the stove.

It is poured into a cup, sweetened with honey, and some lemon slices are added to it



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