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A drug capable of prolonging the lives of people with cancer

The Telegraph newspaper revealed that British scientists have invented a new drug capable of prolonging the lives of patients with cancer whose condition is serious. Tests conducted on this drug showed that it works as an incubator for the protein “tyrosine kinase Bruton,” which harms the role of stimulator for cancer cells, and if it is stopped, The activity of this protein causes cancer cells to die without harming healthy cells, according to what was reported in the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

This anti-cancer drug may prolong the life of people with the disease for whom traditional treatment methods are not helpful. Scientists say that this drug does not cure cancer, but rather prolongs the life of a person with the serious disease and improves, even if only slightly, his health condition. The first tests on this drug were conducted in 2012, when the drug was given to 4 people suffering from cancer, and it was found that there were no complications and that the patients felt better the very next day, as the results were better than expected.

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