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A big breakfast helps you lose weight

A big breakfast helps you lose weight.. A study denies that


We have heard decades ago, often, that it is better to eat a large and calorie-rich breakfast, but a recent study came to refute this.In this article on my site, information will be covered on the subject of a large breakfast that helps you lose weight.. A study that denounces that.


The proverb says: “Eat your breakfast like kings, your food like princes, and your dinner like a beggar.” During breakfast we can eat a lot without worrying about calories, aiming to reduce meals throughout the day, and this will be the best way to get “fitness”. But a Scottish study refutes this model, according to a study published in Cell Metabolism.

The principle is that we accumulate calories during the first meal so that the body can spend them throughout the day. To see if this idea is scientifically proven, the researchers studied 30 people who were overweight or obese. They had to follow two diets for a month at a time.


Same weight loss


There were four weeks of high-calorie meals in the morning, with less rest in the day, and four weeks of high-calorie meals in the evening. So everyone had both types of diet for 8 weeks. The balanced diet was divided into three: 30% protein, 35% carbohydrates, and 35% fat.


The result did not confirm that a hearty breakfast made weight loss particularly feasible. Analyzes showed that, on average, participants lost 3 kilograms per diet. On the other hand, the study indicates that a generous breakfast made it possible to feel fuller better and to reduce the desire to eat during the day.



Two meals a day though?


In fact, when nutritionists talk about the benefits of breakfast, they insist that this meal be given great importance, and the goal is to eat a full breakfast to avoid (suffocating) during the day, as Nicholas Obino, a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist, recently explained to Top Sante. However, he stressed that breakfast can be dispensed with, provided that two meals a day contain essential nutrients. This means enough protein, good sugars, good fats and fiber at lunch and dinner.

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