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8 of the most important and indispensable recipes to prevent premature graying of hair

Recipes to prevent premature graying of hair are all that all individuals who suffer from the appearance of white hair on their scalp at an early age wish to obtain it in a new and guaranteed way that helps to get rid of it permanently. Therefore, we review a number of the most important natural recipes that are easy to apply at home. While being effective and simple at the same time.


Recipes to prevent premature graying of hair


The following are the most important recipes for preventing premature graying of hair, which is the clove recipe, which greatly contributes to getting rid of white hair and returning its natural color, in addition to preserving the vitality, luster and health of hair, which are the following:


Ingredients: A small spoon of ground cloves. An appropriate amount of water for kneading. One teaspoon of olive oil. Method of preparation. Place the cloves in a small bowl and add to it both olive oil and the appropriate amount of water for kneading. Kneading and adding water gradually until a coherent texture is obtained. The mixture is applied to the hair, focusing on the places where the white hair resides. It is left for at least an hour, in order to ensure complete penetration of the mixture into the hair follicles. This is followed by a good rubbing of the mixture from the hair, then a good washing of the scalp with lukewarm water. Prevent premature graying of hair with cloves


We offer a natural way to eliminate white hair using the clove plant, which has many properties that help prevent the appearance of premature graying, in addition to its ability to strengthen hair follicles, increase its softness and provide it with the necessary moisture, and this recipe depends on the following:


Ingredients A suitable number of fresh cloves. Method of preparation The cloves are roasted on the fire until a black substance is obtained from them. This is followed by applying this substance to the hair, especially where gray hairs are located. Leave the substance for at least an hour, then rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Gray hair and ways to prevent it


Many of us are upset when seeing white hair invading the scalp, so we provide a number of the most important ways to prevent graying, through which we can avoid resorting to recipes to prevent premature graying of hair, as in the following:


Sheeping is considered a natural matter when aging, as the natural hair color turns to gray or white. This is due to a decrease in the numbers of cells responsible for dyeing hair with its natural color, which is melanin with age, which leads to an increase in the numbers that die and do not It is renewed. It may also begin to appear at an early age in some individuals in their twenties and may be late to the age of forty. This largely depends on the genetic genes of each individual.


Prevention Methods A healthy diet plays an important role in the appearance of premature graying, especially when regularly eating fruits and vegetables rich in the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is gentle and mild on the scalp. Regular daily massage of the scalp with the fingertips, which contributes to improving blood circulation and stimulating the growth of follicles and maintaining their strength and vitality. Causes of early graying


There are many reasons that lead to the appearance of premature graying of many people, especially religion, who enjoy dark hair, from their relatives who have light hair, and the most important of these reasons are the following:


Vitamin B12 deficiency, which causes a reduction in the production of melanin pigment responsible for the natural color of hair. This is in addition to weakening hair follicles and predisposing them to fall. Genetic reasons. The presence of a previous family history, whether in parents or grandparents, of early graying. This leads to an increase in the percentage of its appearance in current and future generations. Smoking causes Significantly narrow blood vessels, which affects the lack of blood flow properly and quickly to the hair follicles, which leads to their weakness and fall. This is in addition to the work of toxic and harmful substances found in cigarettes to damage body tissues, including the scalp. Autoimmune deficiency disease takes place in this The disease attacks the immune system inside the body in general, which affects the natural hair color in particular. The most important examples of it are vitiligo and alopecia areata. Tension and stress


Several recent studies have reported a relationship between increased exposure to stress and the weakening and consumption of hair follicle stem cells.


thyroid disorder


When there is any defect in the activity of the thyroid gland, whether by deficiency or increase, this causes a decrease in the production of melanin, which is responsible for the natural color of hair.


How to temporarily hide gray hair


Some may need to find quick solutions, although they are temporary and have a superficial effect in hiding graying from waiting for the results of recipes to prevent premature graying of hair, and the most important of these methods are the following:


Incorporating a number of colored dyes that are close in color to the natural hair color. This method helps to give temporary coverage of the hair up to several weeks. This method is suitable when there is a small amount of gray hair in the hair. White hair can also be colored darker than the color of the hair. Natural hair, and this method is called highlighting, and it gradually merges the two colors together over time. The use of some cosmetic products specialized in the temporary concealment of graying, including hair sprays that are available in multiple colors.


Natural recipe to cover gray hair


The following is a recipe for amla powder with henna, which is useful in nourishing hair and covering white hair in an ideal way, in addition to providing the hair with the necessary nutrition and adequate hydration:


Ingredients One cup of fresh henna paste Three teaspoons of amla powder One teaspoon of ground coffee Hair brush Plastic gloves Method of preparation All the above ingredients are mixed together well. Coherent texture. Make sure to add water when needed. Be sure to wear gloves and then start distributing the paste on the hair from the roots to the ends. Use a hairbrush to distribute the mixture evenly, then cover the head with a plastic bag. Leave the paste until it dries completely and reaches The time required for this is up to two hours. This is followed by washing the hair with a sulfur-free shampoo. This recipe is repeated once a month. Recipes to prevent premature graying of hair at home


Here are some of the most important natural recipes that specialize in preventing the appearance of premature graying, which depend on many useful natural ingredients:


black tea


It greatly helps in dyeing white hair and obtaining a dark and elegant color, in addition to its role in giving the hair the desired luster and luster, and it also works to revive the hair and get rid of dullness.


IngredientsTwo teaspoon of black tea leaves.One cup of water.Method of preparationThe tea leaves are added to the water and raised on the fire until boiling.Then then left to soak for two minutes and then leave it until it cools completely.Applied to the hair completely and left for an hour.The following is done Wash the hair well with cold water. Repeat this recipe once every two weeks, taking care to use shampoo in washing the hair. Sage


The role and effectiveness of sage leaves in treating white or gray hair goes beyond preventing its appearance, and its recipe is implemented as follows:


Ingredients An appropriate amount of sage leaves. Two cups of water. Method of preparation. Add the sage leaves to the amount of water to boil. Leave the leaves for two minutes to soak. After the solution is completely cool, it is applied to the scalp until the hair is completely saturated with it. Leave the solution on the hair For two hours, then wash it with a sulfur-free shampoo. Repeat this recipe once a week.


Easy recipes to prevent premature graying of hair


In this paragraph, we offer natural recipes to prevent premature graying of hair in an easy way to prepare through the use of simple and effective ingredients as follows:


curry recipe


These leaves help white hair acquire a dark and beautiful color, and its effectiveness can be increased by mixing it with coconut oil.


Ingredients: An appropriate amount of green curry leaves. One tablespoon of coconut oil. Method of preparation: Add curry leaves to coconut oil and raise it on the fire until it boils and produces oil. Strain this oil and massage the hair with it. Leave for no more than an hour. Then wash Hair thoroughly with water. Repeat this recipe twice a week. Coconut oil and lemon juice


Coconut oil helps give many benefits to hair, the most important of which is adequate hydration, in addition to its role in stimulating hair growth and treating infections, in addition to its effectiveness in getting rid of premature graying because it contains antioxidants.


Ingredients: Three teaspoons of lemon juice. Appropriate amount of coconut oil with the length of the hair. Method of preparation: Mix lemon juice with coconut oil well. Apply the mixture to the entire hair, starting from the scalp to the ends. Leave for an hour, then wash with water and appropriate shampoo. Repeat this Recipe once a week.rosemary and sage recipe to prevent graying


This recipe helps in making the perfect coverage of white hair that appears early in some people, in addition to its work in giving the hair a distinctive dark color depending on the following steps:


Ingredients Half a cup of dried rosemary leaves Two cups of water Half a cup of dried sage leaves Method of preparation Add each of the sage leaves to the rosemary leaves with water and bring to a boil. Leave the solution to cool for up to two hours. Strain The solution is then completely applied to the hair for a period of not less than half an hour. This is followed by washing the hair with water well. Repeat this recipe once a week.

We have presented a distinguished group of natural recipes to prevent premature graying of hair, which depend in the method of preparation on ingredients available in every home, in addition to their easy and 100% guaranteed work steps.

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