8 bad habits that harm women’s health

Women deliberately take care of their external appearance and care

their health by taking appropriate vitamins and using cosmetics

Of all kinds, women also resort to seeing a general practitioner for a procedure

The necessary periodic examinations in order to continuously monitor health conditions. in




In this regard, we present to you in the Arab Woman Magazine a set of bad habits

The most common among women, which has serious effects on women’s health, so follow us! We hope you like this topic.

1. High heels:


High heels lead to serious diseases, such as chronic back pain, pressure on joints, arthritis, and tendon injuries.


2. Heavy Bags:


Most women today carry bags weighing more than 3 kilograms, containing a cosmetic bag and her tablet computer, in addition to many other items


Various purposes that are increasing every day. This later leads to back pain and serious neck and shoulder problems.


In addition to weakness in the shoulder muscles.





3. Sleeping with makeup:


Women succumb to sleepiness, and go to sleep without removing makeup from the face, and this leads to the accumulation of daily dirt and oils on the skin, and thus


Clogged pores, skin damage, and congestion of skin spots.


4. Lingerie:


Wearing non-cotton and unhealthy underwear may cause health problems and various allergic diseases, also if the size of those clothes is smaller than


It may lead to breathing problems, skin irritation, back pain, and circulatory problems.


5. Worry and regret:


Anxiety and feelings of regret harm a woman’s physical and psychological health. According to the study, women are affected by these negative emotions twice as often as men.


6. Obsession with appearance:


Women’s obsession with obtaining an integrated body makes them vulnerable to the possibility of anemia and immunodeficiency, as statistics prove that 16% of women suffer from


Loss of normal weight.


7. Emotional eating:


There are many women who cannot control the quality and quantity of their food, especially during difficult times, depression, anger or stress.


Which affects diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and others.


8. Lack of sleep:


If a woman does not get enough sleep, regular daily hours and fixed times, she is at risk of chronic stress and heart disease.

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