7 Super-Fast Skin Care You Can Do In The Shower


Would you like to do quick skin care? You don’t need to plan a spa day to make your skin look and feel beautiful. In fact, these super quick and easy skin treatments are easy to do during your morning shower!

7 Easy Skin Treatments You Can Do In The Shower

1. Soothes irritation

Do you have an itchy skin? do you feel irritated or sunburned. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a normal amount of body wash gel or soap dispenser!

Lavender oil prevents irritation and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. (For a refreshing experience, use a drop of peppermint oil instead!)

2.Smooth Shave

With just a few simple ingredients, you can exfoliate your body before or after shaving (or both!). 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup oil (like coconut oil) and 20 drops of lemon essential oil.

Use the mixture to scrub your legs before shaving for super smooth results. You can also use it after shaving to prevent ingrown hair!

3.Fighting fungus

Yellow toenails can indicate a fungal infection, but applying antifungal tea tree oil can help fight it! All you need to do is apply a drop of tea tree essential oil to the affected nail while in the shower.

Keep your feet out of running water for a minute or two, then rinse your feet thoroughly.

4. Soapy Scrubbing

Streamline your shower routine by making your own sugar scrubbing sticks. It’s quick and easy to do, and both exfoliate your body with a bar of soap and sugar.

5.Moisturizing Peeling

Store a jar of Epsom salt and a bottle of your favorite carrier oil in your bathroom and always be ready to cleanse dry skin. Add a teaspoon of carrier oil to a small handful of Epsom salt and rub your body.

This provides the perfect quick and easy treatment for dry heels, knees, elbows or any area of ​​your skin that dries easily.

6.Stop the drying process

If we are talking about dry skin, you need something extra moisturizing to restore your skin to its normal softness. In such cases, you need to have a bottle of shower moisturizing lotion on hand!

This super concentrated lotion is designed to be applied in the shower while your skin is still a little moist. Try it yourself, when you are ready to get out of the shower, your skin will feel completely soft and moist!

7.Fighting acne

Keep the acne away while taking a shower with the help of tea tree oil! Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the bottle of your favorite cleanser and use as you normally would.

You can also use this method outside of the shower, but a mist shower will help open your pores for a deeper cleansing than you would normally achieve!

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