7 Nourishing Foods That Will Be Life Saving When Your Abdomen Rang the Ringtones

There is nothing in the office or outside that is as annoying as the sudden ringing of the incoming belly during the day. It is also possible to make unhealthy decisions in these moments. It is also of great benefit to always be prepared to avoid this. According to nutritionists, healthy snacks we can consume during the day include…


1. Fruit & cheese


When your stomach is hungry, you can save the situation with a piece of cheese and apples. In this way, you will be able to meet both your protein and fiber needs.


2. Nuts


You can get both plant-derived protein and fiber, antioxidants and minerals at the same time.


3. Nut bars


Dried fruit and nuts bars are around 150 -200 calories. It is a calorie-appropriate and nutritious alternative


4. Seeds


Many people eat many meals of the day at their desk in the office. With yogurt omega 3 you can consume seeds that are a source of fatty acids and antioxidants and get protein and fiber of plant origin. Chia and flaxseed.


5. Nuts & peanut butter


A practical and fast way to get protein is to crush it! It is also possible to rub on bread and consume it in a practical way. The taste is also the daddy.


6. Popcorn


Whole-grain popcorn is a nice option to silence it when your belly rings the bell.


7. Avocado


Cutting off avocado on your desk at the office doesn’t sound very nice. However, you can easily consume it in the office by putting it in a small box in your home. In a small avocado 22 calories, 9 grams of fiber, potassium, B6 and Vitamins C found. Both nutritious and satisfying.

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