7 beauty secrets you should know

Here are 7 beauty secrets that will make your life easier and your look more beautiful:


1- To get a beautiful glow for your body skin, mix a little moisturizer or the usual body lotion that you use with a little body oil or even olive oil, and you will get an instant glow. If you want to get a little tan, mix your body lotion with a bit of your tanning lotion, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry.


2- When you come home from a shopping trip to one of the major makeup and cosmetics stores, do not rush and throw away the free eye cream samples, but take them with you to the office and put them during the day to get more moisture and get rid of any dryness in the area around the eyes . You can also use it over makeup.


3- If your eyebrows are thin and you want them to appear wider, first define them using an eyebrow pencil, and then fill them with eyebrow powder that matches the color of your eyebrows. Do not forget to use eyebrow mascara to fix the hairs.


4- Have lip balm with you wherever you go, and apply it more than once a day until you get rid of the look of dry lips. Remember that the brand of lipstick you are using will not work as long as your lips are dry.


5- Concealer should be an essential part of your make-up at all times, as it will give you the biggest change because it covers dark circles and traces of fatigue. Choose a color two shades lighter than your skin color, apply it using fingers or a brush, and do not forget to set it using soft powder.


6- To avoid pimples and infections, make sure to wash your makeup brushes once a week, as the accumulation of makeup on them leads to the accumulation of bacteria and germs, so do not expose your skin to this kind of danger.


7- The easiest, fastest and simplest way to look beautiful and neat is to gather all your hair in a bun hairstyle, which is very popular these days, as it does not require styling, blow-drying or anything. Try the bow cake method for a prettier look.