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6 foods that can increase breast size... Get to know them - Care Beauty

6 foods that can increase breast size… Get to know them

There is no need for unhealthy cosmetic surgeries or industrial treatments for breast augmentation, these foods are enough to do so:


Milk: The estrogen, progesterone and prolactin found in milk determine breast size. Drinking milk increases the secretion of these hormones, thus increasing the size of the breast.

Green vegetables: are rich in estrogen and testosterone, which are responsible for making the breasts larger.

Fennel: is one of the herbs that contain high amounts of the hormones estrogen and prolactin, which stimulate breast growth.

Seeds: such as flaxseed Hemp seeds, chia seeds… they all increase estrogen levels and help in breast enlargement.

Protein: aids in tissue growth, and is therefore essential for breast enlargement.

Soy products contain estrogen that promotes breast growth. In addition to nutrients that can help with cancer cells.